2014 Hawaii Summer Bucket List

2014 Hawaii Summer Bucket List


2014 Hawaii Summer Bucket List


Emily arrives Monday night, and holy monkey, I’m so excited! We have a million things we want to do, starting with at least ten million hugs. Here’s her summer bucket list for her visit to Hawaii. We’d better get busy being awesome!

  • Snorkel at Shark’s Cove & Hanauma Bay
  • Kayak to the Mokes
  • Hike to a waterfall
  • Find a new beach
  • Go to a fair
  • See a movie
  • Make a movie
  • Visit the Kaneohe Sandbar
  • Check out a tide pool
  • Invent a new food
  • Hang out at the bookstore
  • Play step-ball, football, and volleyball
  • Have a barbeque
  • Throw a birthday party
  • Hit up Eat the Street
  • Dance in the park
  • Host water balloon Olympics
  • Go shopping
  • Drink bubble tea
  • See fireworks
  • Have a fancy dinner party
  • Try boogie boarding
  • Play chess
  • Jam out 
  • Watch Firefly
  • Redecorate the kitchen to look like a cupcake shop
  • Make Thai iced tea

I really can’t wait to get started!


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