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coolchicksAloha, it’s Geoff here again! Renee asked me to write a guest post this week.

Unfortunately this post is not about hipster-chickens as the title and feature photo hints. Instead this is about how to cool down your chickens when the weather outside makes you beg for AC! We’ve been suffering with stifling temperatures and humidity over the past few days. If you’ve followed my instructions and made a DIY air-conditioner, you’ll probably be ok…but what about your pets?!

 You probably know by now that we have our own mini-flock of chickens living in our backyard. Like most pets, chickens can’t talk (in any human language anyway). When you see your chickens laying on the ground with their wings outstretched and their beaks open, you know it’s too hot for them. I’ve tried hosing them down with cold water, but surprisingly, they don’t particularly like that method.

Why don’t we have ducks instead?

I was going to have to fool them into cooperating. And what better way to get them to cooperate, than by giving them some food? 

Our chickens definitely think with their stomach, which can get them into some trouble at times. Only a couple of weeks ago, the three of them decided that they wanted to eat an amaryllis plant that had sat in our garden for a couple of years. Turns out that amaryllis is poisonous to chickens! After pulling up the amaryllis, I nursed the three stoodges back to health with spoonfuls of yogurt. Silly chickens!

Anyway, back to the point of this post.

What you’ll need is a large fruit of some kind (it can be a watermelon, pumpkin, grapefruit etc), some tasty treats (ham for example) and an ice cube tray!

 Tasty Treats

Just throw the fruit in the fridge or freezer (maybe not throw it in there…fruit tends to explode when thrown), put the tasty treats in the ice cube tray, top it up with water and pop that into the freezer too. Simple! Wait until the ice cubes have frozen and you then have chicken popsicles! 

The Three Stoodges

I could tell Daenerys was back to her old self because she was trying to guard ALL of the food and stop Godzilla and Rodan from having any.


Cool Chickens

It takes them a little while to peck away the ice to get at the ham. It’s fun to see their faces when they realize that there’s actually something super tasty inside. They will run around the garden with an ice cube hanging out of their beaks.

Mmm Watermelon

Afterwards, they’ll all have sticky beaks and faces from the watermelon so you might have to rinse them down after all! 

This doesn’t just apply to chickens. Dogs will love trying to get the ham out of the ice…I would say cats too but they probably wouldn’t want to get their paws cold!

I hope this inspires you to go out and do something awesome for your pets today.

Geoff out.

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