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Awesome Beauty

Everybody knows it’s easier to look good when you have plenty of money. The best skin care, shampoo that makes your hair look like silk, clothes tailored precisely for your body, and anything you could ever want from the cosmetics counter at the fancy department store. If you’re extra rich, you can even pay a doctor to make you look better. It just seems so easy.

My Birchbox subscription gives me a bit of a taste of what it would be like to have rich kid stuff in my arsenal. Look out, shiny hair and radiant skin! But alas, it’s just a taste, and I live in the real world. In the real world, I never spend more than $10 on any given product.

One of the things I can’t live without is rose salve. I’ve had the same little pot for years. I use it for a bunch of different stuff, mostly as lip gloss, but also as a lip moisturizer, on burns, to remove stray eye make-up, and to soothe my red, dry nose when I have a cold. It’s indispensable.

I also love this tinted moisturizer by Aveeno. Again, a little bit goes a long way. I don’t like wearing a bunch of heavy make-up on my face, but I do absolutely positively have to have spf every day. The UV index is outrageous here. Tinted moisturizer is the perfect solution. Okay, so it’s actually $13, but I’ve had the same bottle since 2011, and it acts as a foundation and an SPF moisturizer, so it’s actually two products in one.

I also don’t feel like my face is clean unless I use a gritty scrub on it every other day. Aestheticians are probably having a heart attack right now.  Those microbead products are supposed to be better for your skin, but those little beads are actually made of plastic which end up in the ocean. I stick with good old fashioned apricot scrub. It’s cheap and effective. And it smells good. 

I go out without make-up a lot. I just don’t try hard enough. But I don’t even feel human if I’m not wearing mascara. Loreal Voluminous is the best. I’ve tried a lot of cheap mascaras. Here’s why this one is my favorite. It makes my eyelashes look awesome, it doesn’t smudge all over my face, and it actually washes off without making all my eyelashes fall out. 

My last secret is something you can have for free. The very best way to make yourself look better is to have good posture. Standing up straight makes you look thinner. You don’t have to work out or starve yourself, you just have to lengthen your neck, straighten your back, lift your chin, and go be awesome. It works every time.

Maybe beauty comes from within, but a little help never hurt anyone. And it’s fun, and fun is awesome. Cheap ain’t bad, either.

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