Awesome in April


April is over? What the hell? Did it even happen? Did I do anything but work and sleep? I really need to live a little.

Even though I never actually managed to make it to the theatre to see Grand Budapest Hotel, I did manage to catch up on a few heartbreaking films at home. We watched Dallas Buyers Club and 12 Years a Slave. They were both just as staggeringly beautiful as everybody said. They made me grateful for my boring little life.

I’m still working my way through the Sandman Series. The last two volumes are in my possession, so the end is in sight. I can’t say I’m super into comic books now, but I’m still just as much of a fan of Neil Gaiman as I always was. It makes me sad when I try to talk about him and people don’t know what I’m saying. Just go ahead and add American Gods, Anansi Boys, and The Graveyard Book to your list of books to read before you die. I know what I’m talking about.


I’ve also been sneaking a little bit of rereading between comic books. I’ve been indulging in The Hunger Games and His Dark Materials. Are you a rereader? What are your favorite books to dive into again and again?

I did manage to leave the house to go somewhere other than work on occasion. We ate some excellent food at Tropics Tap Room, Da Smokehouse, and this month’s Eat the Street where I enjoyed some bacon mac and cheese wontons and a lilikoi mango goat cheese cheesecake. Why do I only ever want to go out my front door to eat? Does that make me insane?


I did manage to go outside to do some volunteer work for my friends at the Hawaii Foodbank. I got to get a photo with three dudes from the Pacific 501st, which made waking up at 6 am on a Saturday totally worth it.

I discovered some new to me blogs that I’m totally excited about. Bit by a Fox is an outstandingly written cocktail block packed with original flavors and vintage images. Take a Megabite is pure fun. Everything is bright and lovely, and I never want to leave. The Sugar Hit is epically designed, excellently written, and full of outrageous deliciousness. It is the epitome of awesome.


I also cooked up a few bits of awesomeness myself. Everybody at my office went crazy for Kahlua Brownies. I wanted to eat about 8 million Jam Tarts, but I would have had to karate chop my husband to get to them. And Peanut Butter & Jelly Cupcakes are in the running for most addictive frosting of all time.

You especially loved cholesterol sandwiches, mint brownies, and passion fruit green tea. You kids have great taste.


April is over, and I can’t say I mind. Hopefully May will have less rain and more trips to the beach. What are you looking forward to? How awesome do you think we can make May? Let’s get going.


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