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Bad Day Rainbow

Well friends, the year is half gone. As for me, I couldn’t be happier. The year of the snake has been especially rough (though not the worst of my life), and June brought it’s share of hardship. But we make it awesome anyway. Broken down scooters, be damned. Nothing gets between me and awesomeness!


Awesomest way to get your Benedict Cumberbatch fix

We saw Star Trek Into Darkness this month and had a blast. A movie that combines action, humor, bad Scottish accents, well-natured emotional manipulation, and the world’s greatest cheekbones has got to be a winner. I’m not exactly a Trekkie, but I have to say that watching this movie actually gave me the urge to go back and explore the source material. I was endeared to the characters and wanted to know them better. Sometimes it’s good to just have fun at the movies. If you don’t enjoy yourself at this movie, you might be taking yourself too seriously. 


Awesomest source of simultaneous guilt and humor

This month, I’ve read two books by the amazing Sherman Alexie, a Native American author from the Spokane Indian Reservation, which is about two hours from where I grew up. I think that makes four or five of his books that I’ve read in my life, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every one. His stories are raw and honest, and his voice is completely uncontrived. I’ve run the gamut of emotions while reading Ten Little Indians and The Toughest Indian in the World. Along with my fair share of white guilt, I’ve laughed and nearly cried. I’ve felt angry, uncomfortable, and joyful. If you want some insight into the life of a modern American Indian, you absolutely must read something by Sherman Alexie. You won’t regret it.

Photo by Rebecca of Foodie with Family

Awesomest thing I need to stuff in my face

When I saw these filthy burgers from Foodie with Family, I almost died. I need NEED to eat this burger. It’s pure genius. Beef, pulled pork, and bacon all smashed together in one massive patty of ridiculousness. Top that baby off with some melty colby jack and slather it in barbecue sauce and then die and go to heaven. Am I right? Lord have mercy! You must go and visit this awesome blog and make this burger. Then send me a photo of you with barbecue sauce all over your face. Trust me.


Awesomest small screen diversion

Dudes, Firefly is the bee’s knees! I know I’m a little late to the game. What’s new? I don’t even know what day of the week it is most of the time. I’ve heard fellow nerds raving about Firefly for years, but just never found the time to watch it. We’re halfway through the only season of this Joss Whedon space western, and I’m already sad that it’s going to be ending so soon. My husband and I are both really loving it. We especially enjoy trying to figure out the Chinese cuss words. We may have picked up one or two of those during our time in Taiwan. It’s streaming on Netflix and awaiting perusal at your leisure. Don’t wait. I wish I hadn’t.

Things you thought were awesome

 Here are your favorite posts from Awesome on 20 this month.

You were digging some gluten free lemon polenta cake.

You think chickens are cool, and you really want to feed them with this DIY chicken feeder by Geoff.

But mostly, you couldn’t wait to get your hands on some Ono Hawaiian Bread Pudding

I hope your June was super awesome. July is going to be sweet! I can’t wait to introduce you to my assistant. 

Be excellent to each other!



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