Be Awesome: Be In The Moment


I love blogging, and even though it sometimes feels like work, I have a great time doing it. But things have been quiet around here lately for a good reason.

My daughter has been visiting and today is her last day. I try my best to not let it be ruined by sadness. I put on my best smile and try to enjoy every last second.

I’ve been trying to take a short break from the list making, the goal achieving, the striving, and the stress. I’ve been trying not to worry about the things that aren’t necessary. I’ve been trying to notice and remember everything. The smiles, the laughs, every little detail. And that face. That precious, beautiful face.

There’s never enough time. Not enough time in the world for all the things I want to see, do , and be. This past week or so, I chose being a mom over everything else. The rest can wait.

I am a perpetual worrier, so it’s not easy for me to set aside all of my perceived responsibilities. Maybe you’re the same way. I think we all owe it to ourselves to take a few days now and then to just focus on the things that matter most.

All too soon, things will be back to their normal busy bustle. Recipes will be made, photographed, written about. Hopefully, people will read. Maybe they won’t. That’s okay, too, because I enjoyed the process. I’m going to try to savor each moment I get to do something I love.

I have one last day with my baby. We’re going to eat malasadas and maybe go to the beach. Mostly, I’m going to love her with all my heart and hope she doesn’t see me cry.

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