Be Awesome: Dream Big

Be Awesome: Dream Big


Be Awesome: Dream Big

Sometimes the world is just too much. Life becomes chaotic and you can barely see five minutes ahead. Even when you have time to slow down, you suddenly discover you’ve forgotten how. Everything moves forward so relentlessly, you forget to stop and enjoy it. Sometimes there’s so little to look forward to, you’re afraid to look up.

It’s time to stop and take a deep breath and gaze deep into the future. It’s frightening and exciting all at once to think about what could be, the endless possibilities. Sometimes I’m afraid to speak my dreams out loud. It’s a little less heartbreaking that way when they don’t come true. But I’ve learned we must be bold if we want things to change. What’s bolder than publishing some of our hopes and dreams on the internet? Dive in.


My husband’s dreams are often the most frightening and the most inspiring. He’s not afraid to change everything and try something he’s never done before. It’s one of the things I love about him. His latest scheme is to move to Portland, buy an acre, and build his own house. It’s full of risk. So many things could go wrong. What could be more exciting?

I’ve wanted to live in Europe for as long as I can remember. We’re currently dreaming of Sweden. What we would do there, I have no idea, but I know it would be beautiful.

A map of our dreamed-of journey
A map of our dreamed-of journey

The one dream I think we may be likely to accomplish is taking an extended trip around Europe & North Africa. If we’re careful with our money, we may be able to save enough to take two months living on trains, taking in the world. I’ve dreamed of this forever.

Of course, my biggest dream is to figure out this blogging game and make it my job. As crazy as my husband’s schemes are, it’s this dream that seems the most impossible. To have the freedom to make a living using my own creativity is so alluring, but seems so hopelessly out of reach. I’m just crazy enough to keep working on it.

My life is truly awesome, and I can’t even begin to count the things I am grateful for. That doesn’t mean I’ll ever stop dreaming and hoping for something beautiful. Life should be filled with adventures. And though we can never tell where it will take us, it can’t hurt to dream. I’m open to whatever new adventures the universe has to offer. Get on board.

3 thoughts on “Be Awesome: Dream Big”

  1. Renee – 2 comments on this awesome blog posting:
    1) I have a friend who has moved to Spain from Hawaii, bought a small inn and is offering free accommodations to folks who volunteer to help her fix up the place. It is in Velez-Malaga and is called Nid Olea. Google it.

    2) I have another friend (friend of a friend, actually) who has turned into a travel writer, blogger, photographer as her full time job and travels all over the world doing awesome stuff and has it paid for mostly by Tourist Bureaux, etc. She even teaches a course on how to do this. Her name is Sherry Ott and her contact info is and

    Just in case you’re interested, check out these folks. And good luck with your dreams.


    1. Thank you so much for the encouragement and the great info. I’ll definitely check out Sherry’s links, and your friend’s inn for when we finally make it so Spain. Hope you are well.

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