Beautiful and Cheap, In the Best Possible Way

I love wandering through the makeup counters at department stores. The alluring scents, the pretty packages, the illusion of perfection. I confess, it sucks me in. But never all the way.

I have a rule. I never spend more than $10 on beauty products. Ever. If it can’t be done for $10, it probably shouldn’t be done. And yet, I’m still a sucker for perfume and lip gloss and eye cream. I’m a girl. What can I say?


My trick to getting my beauty fix on the cheap is BirchBox. For $10, they send me a box full of high end samples every month. You can also earn points on the site by reviewing items, and referring friends. Every 100 points is ten dollars off a purchase. And when you sign up, you take this long survey about what you’re into, so the box is tailored to your style.

March Birchbox

There are usually between four and six products each months. Mostly they’re one or two use samples, but occasionally you get a full size item. Often though, even the sample sizes last me for months. Check out the massive amount of stuff I still have since I got my first box at the end of May.


I think the idea is that you try the samples and then you’ll want to pay full price to order the stuff from their site. If you’re into that, go for it. But that breaks my $10 rule. I don’t care how good the $50 shampoo makes my hair feel. Plus, I’m pretty fickle. A full size product is usually too much of a commitment for me anyway.

Beauty can be expensive. Not being able to afford highlights and $40 lipstick sometimes gets me down. But then I just think of all the books and chocolate I could buy and remember that my makeup is going to come off when I go to the beach, anyway. Birchbox is my monthly treat. A little present to myself. I think I’m worth $10.

birchbox overfloweth

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