Chili Burger at Honolulu Burger Co

Burgerology: Honolulu Burger Company

Honolulu Burger Co Sweet Potato Fries

It’s time to eat burgers again, and this month, we headed to somewhere uniquely local. I like it because it’s extra cheap, thanks to frequent Groupons. Eight bucks off makes these burgers extra awesome.

Honolulu Burger Company serves only Big Island range-fed beef. Local beef definitely makes for a tasty burger. The burgers are just the right size, thick enough to be juicy, but not so big that you die half way through. They also have a variety of toppings with local flare, including pineapple, Portuguese sausage, and kim chee. 

Blue Hawaii Burger at Honolulu Burger Co

I opted for the Blue Hawaii burger which features bacon, sauteed onions (which I dismissed), and blue cheese. I absolutely love blue cheese and will take any excuse to eat it. These burgers stand up well to the strong flavor. I added some of the smoky barbecue sauce they have on each table, and it was a great compliment. My only criticism is that my whole wheat bun was a little dry. 

Chili Burger at Honolulu Burger Co

Geoff had the chili burger, and he said it was great. I’m not sure how a burger smothered in spicy chili could be anything but. 

Sweet Potato Fries at Honolulu Burger Co

We also made sure to order the sweet potato fries. They’re crispy and well seasoned. They serve them with honey mustard, which I don’t think is the best choice of sauces. I opted for that smoky barbecue sauce instead. These are the second best sweet potato fries I’ve had, but the place that had the very best sweet potato fries is now closed, so I guess that makes them the best now.

Honolulu Burger Company makes a good burger, but it’s not quite a great burger. It’s a bit expensive, but local, range-fed beef comes with a price. I’m not sure I would go here if I didn’t have a Groupon, but with a little help on the price, it’s worth it. 

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