Burgerology: The Counter

The Counter at Kahala Mall

When I’m feeling fancy, I like to grab a custom built burger from The Counter at Kahala Mall. They’re big and juicy and completely customizable. It doesn’t hurt that they have a full bar, either.

Ham, brie, and cranberry burger

The burgers at The Counter are made with high quality ingredients, and there are about twenty different toppings you can choose from. The menu is actually a form you can fill out, checking all the toppings you want on your burger. I’ve gotten a different combination every time. This time around, I got brie, dried cranberries, black forest ham, and roasted garlic aioli on my 1/3 pound beef burger, all served up on a toasted English muffin. I’m basically a genius. 

Spicy Everything Burger

Geoff got a beef burger with fresh jalapenos, sauteed onions, roasted green chiles, spicy pepperoncini, pepper jack cheese, and habanero salsa. He’s a mad man. Previously, you had to order sides, like fries, seperately, but now one side is included with your burger. We both got sweet potato fries. Duh.

Boozy Shakes

This time, Geoff ordered a Kona Long Board, and I got a Woodchuck Cider. They have a pretty good selection of beers. The very most amazingly awesome selection from the bar is the boozy milkshakes. There’s a really creative selection. I had the Thin Mint. Geoff’s was a caramel something. I don’t remember what it was called, but they both tasted so good. One of these days, I’m going here just for drinks and dessert. The menu is so tempting.

The Counter at Kahala Mall

 The Counter is creeping toward the upper end of what I’m willing to pay for a burger, but for a special occasion or a fun night out, it’s totally worth it. You’re definitely getting your money’s worth. The atmosphere is trendy and relaxed. It’s the kind of place where you can laugh as loud as you want. Go get a burger. Fun, laughs, good times!

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