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Be Awesome: Be Yourself

As a blogger, a professional, and just as a human, I find myself constantly comparing myself to others. It’s a truly nasty habit, and one I’ve been unsuccessfully trying to break most of my life. I need constant reminders. I’m different, and that’s awesome! I know a lot about Harry Potter, and as a Ravenclaw, […]


Be Awesome: Do It Anyway

This blog has grown so much in so many ways. In the last few weeks, it’s seen some remarkable growth in traffic. Thank you so much. I can’t believe people are actually reading. That’s crazy! But mostly it’s grown to be something I really love and get excited about. I’ve had the opportunity to meet […]


Be Awesome: Find Your Tribe

So I told you about what went down on my Duncan Hines trip. Plot points are fun, but you know I can’t go more than five minutes without talking about my feelings. I learned a lot about baking, but I also learned something about myself. Something that I hope I can use to make my […]


Awesome in September

September has been a truly awesome month. I started a new job, and I love it so far. It’s challenging and creative, and best of all, I get to serve my community. I feel so lucky. I also got to take an amazing weekend trip to New Jersey to tour the Duncan Hines Test Kitchens. […]


Be Awesome: Make a Comeback

Sometimes you need a do over. You just need to hit the reset button on your life. If you don’t like the direction your life is headed, you should be allowed to change it. And you shouldn’t have to apologize for it. After seven years of teaching, we moved to Hawaii, and I decided not […]


Awesome in August

August seemed to go by slower than molasses. The heat continued to weigh us down in the afternoon and keep us awake at night, and I worked at the most boring job imaginable. But exciting things are on the frontier. August was a month of waiting, and waiting isn’t fun.   Awesomest bar without windows: […]

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