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Bluenami Burger at Islands

Burgerology: Island’s Fine Burgers

Welcome back to Burgerology: Today we’re checking out Island’sFine  Burgers in Ala Moana Center.  We often leave the house with the best of intentions, but we usually end up eating something we shouldn’t before we can make it back home. When Mai Tai bar is full, it’s just too tempting to walk twenty yards to […]

Hawaiian Bread Pudding
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Ono Hawaiian Bread Pudding and Big City Diner

In case you missed it, I live in Honolulu, about a mile away from Waikiki beach. Yes, that was a full on humble brag. I’m poor. There’s not a lot to brag about. Being in the middle of the ocean at one of the world’s hottest tourist destinations has a few drawbacks, though. As in, […]

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