Cookies and Cream Fridge Cake

Cookies and Cream Fridge Cake from Awesome on 20

Chocolate wafer cookies layer with fresh, sweetened whipped cream transforms cookies into a sweet, light, dreamy dessert.




  1. Add the heavy cream to a mixing bowl. Using a whisk attachment, beat on high speed. As it starts to thicken, add the sugar and vanilla extract. Continue to beat on high until you’ve formed stiff peaks. This will take about five minutes, but don’t go to far.
  2. Using a large plate, a springform pan (this is what I used), or a round cake pan, place a layer of cookies in the bottom of your vessel. Add a layer of whipped cream. Spread it evenly and be sure to cover all the cookies. Continue layering cookies and cream until you run out. I was able to do four layers.
  3. Cover and place the “cake” in the fridge overnight. Slice and serve to your friends or co-workers. They will be outrageously happy.

Keywords: Chocolate, Whipped Cream

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