Eating Out: Shaloha Pita


Eating Out: Shaloha Pita

Yesterday, we tried a brand new to us, little hole in the wall eatery that my husband spotted on Yelp. It’s called Shaloha Pita, and we loved it. I read on their website that the name is a combination of Shalom and Aloha. Peace and love. Two of my very favorite things. If you like Israeli/Mediterranean food, you need to stop in to their little shop on Waialae.

When we went in, we were actually greeted by the owner. I love going to little locally owned places for exactly this reason. We got to chat with him about his food, and it was clear that he takes great pride in it. Everything is made from scratch with organic ingredients, and their pita is made on site, daily, with no preservatives or shelf life extenders. He let us sample some with their hummus and pita, and it was so fresh. 

Eating Out: Shaloha Pita

I told the owner about my weird vegetable aversion, and he said “Just tell me what you like, and we’ll make it for you.” It was awesome. I got a fresh pita, loaded with hummus and falafel, which probably sounds boring. It was exactly what I wanted, though. That’s good service. Next time I’ll probably get this deconstructed because I definitely had hummus all over my face.

I also tried their lemonana, which is a mint infused lemonade. It’s not heavily sweetened, so I found it very refreshing. It’s the only drink they make, but it’s definitely worth trying. 

Eating Out: Shaloha Pita

Geoff got the Shakshuka, which is poached eggs in a spicy tomato sauce. He said it was flavorful and juicy. He devoured the whole thing, and this was not a meager portion. He was talking about how great it was on Facebook that night. I think we’ll definitely be going back.

We visited on meatless Monday, so I know Geoff is eager to try the shawarma, and I’d like to take the chicken schnitzel for a spin. 

They do have some seating inside, including a beautiful wooden picnic table, but space is limited. If you go there, you might want to at least have a plan b for take out. I’m hoping they’ll become much busier in the coming months. The prices were great (we paid just over $20 for both of us), and the food was fresh. The owner and staff were enthusiastic about the food and made you want to try everything. I’m looking forward to visiting again and trying something new.

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