Fun, Teenager-Attracting Summer Activites

Kayaking with family is a fun way to exercise and bond.
Summer fun is bound to come!

Summer’s coming to an end for the kids in the South and Hawai’i, and we’re all pretty bummed (myself, Emily, included). All us teens can remember right now are the amazing memories since Day One of Summer 2014, and we just can’t get over it all. So, I’m here to tell you the spectacular things I’ve done this summer, to share and give suggestions for those who have a little bit of a longer break than I. Maybe you could even try some of these things out next summer.  So, ladies and gentlemen, hang on to your pens and pencils, don’t you dare drop that summer bucketlist, because not only am I gonna knock your socks off, but you’ll be adding new activities to your to-do lists.  Let’s go!

1. Go to a lonely pool with friends.
This was the first thing I did as soon as summer started. A few friends of mine went with me to an empty pool for us to goof around in and hit each other with noodles, and because it was empty, no one complained. It’s a super fun, even relaxing things to do when you’re bored and can’t think of any possible way to get the summer started.
2. Water fights.
No matter whether this is with family or friends or teammates, it’s always a blast to throw a giant cherry bomb at someone’s back.  Am I  right? This summer, me and my friend figured out all kinds of things we could do with water. We had water balloon tosses, races with cups of water on the top our heads, we even just plain threw cups of water at each other. It’s super fun, it cools you off, and it’s a great way to find revenge.
3. Play sports.
This isn’t for everyone, but I do indeed love sports. Whether I’m at volleyball camp, try-outs, winning championships with my team, or casually playing a game of catch with my dad or best friend, sports get me pumped. They help you stay active and healthy throughout a summer where you could just lie in bed all the time. So, over these two glorious months, maybe play a few games of kickball with your family. Maybe play a quick scrimmage of whiffleball with your friends. I promise, you’ll end up enjoying yourself.
4. Spend a little time with your family.
Especially if you have a large amount of relatives, you might be that one teenager who has little time with their friends, and lots of time with their aunts and grandpas and far away mom. Don’t just get upset that you’re not at some dumb party where everyone is dancing like a maniac, have some adventures with your own kin. It’ll make the day seem far more grand if you spend the day swimming in a lake with your cool, twenty year old aunt, opposed to moping about so-and-so’s big Quincenera that you’re missing out on.
5. Read.
When you have a little downtime at the end of the day, put down your phone, and read a good book. It’s good for the imagination.
6. Explore.
If you’re not traveling anywhere, and you’re just stuck in your boring town, take a walk around your neighborhood. You may find your new favorite breakfast place, or a shop with cute shoes, or a hip art exhibit. Ya never know.
7. Hit up a local event.
Here in Hawai’i, there’s a thing called “Eat the Street.”  A bunch of food trucks come to one parking lot, and usually serve their normal food, and one or several dishes that have to do with whatever the theme of that month’s food is.  It’s a great way to try new grub, and be adventurous with your eats.  In Nashville, there is an Art Crawl every  first Saturday of the month, where you admire all the art local artists put out.  Local events like this are great, and are usually inexpensive ways to to experience new things, and find some hidden talents or interests you have.

8. Go shopping.

Now, if you have a summer job, or if you have some money saved up from babysitting or chores or birthdays, this is your chance.  If you go shopping, it gives you the opportunity to give yourself a change and show a different side of yourself through fashion. 

9. Visit scenic views.

To soak up nature’s beauty, you can go hiking, go to a tide pool, a beach, a waterfall, even the top of a balcony or hill overlooking a city.  It’s your choice on what to enjoy around you.

10. Try new things.

Food, movie-making, boogie boarding, cooking, baking, kayaking, hiking, tide pools, beaches, teas, chess, decorating, styling, concerts, music, dinner parties, snorkeling, dancing, endless possibilities to pair up with your summer.  Find something new, find something great, and enjoy it.

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