Glasgow Apartment Front Door

Glasgow Apartment Move-In



Glasgow Apartment Front Door

We got the keys to our new apartment in Glasgow on Friday, loaded all of our suitcases in a taxi, hauled it all up the stairs, and called it home. We spent all day Saturday shopping and rounding up the last of our stuff from the SIL’s place. We logged over 10 miles walking that day, and I am now officially exhausted. I can’t remember being this tired in a long time. I love this space, and I think it’s going to feel like home very quickly. Want to take a quick tour? I thought so.

Glasgow Apartment Living Room

The building we live in was built in 1901, and the ceilings are probably 12 feet high. The living room has a huge south facing bay window which I hope will provide some nice light. There’s fancy crown molding and a cool disk thing in the ceiling above the light fixture. Those things probably have a name, but I don’t know what they are. You probably guessed that my favorite bit is the built-in bookcase.

We won’t need to add much to this space furniture-wise. Just a few end tables and a bar cart for now. But those walls are massive. I’d love any tips on decorating for high ceilings. What are we gonna put up there?

Glasgow Apartment Master Bedroom

Our bedroom is spacious and inviting. The main issue is that the wardrobe is probably ideal for one person, but not so much for two people, especially when one of them has a thing for scarves. Luckily, there’s a hall closet where we can keep coats and shoes. I planned on getting a dressing table where I could do my hair and makeup since having electrical outlets in the bathroom is illegal in the UK. The new plan is to get another chest of drawers, use the top drawer for stashing hair appliances and make up, and then use the rest for clothes. I hate folding my clothes in a drawer because it makes it harder to see what you have, but what’s a girl to do? Leave a comment if you have any tips for dealing with limited clothing storage.

Glasgow Apartment Second Bedroom

Our second bedroom has a lovely view of the back garden which is wonderfully overgrown. My daughter Emily is in charge of decorating this one, so it will likely be the coolest room in the house. She’s already decided on a silver and blue theme. Very Ravenclaw.

Glasgow Apartment Bathroom

The bathroom seems huge compared to our last place, and there’s a deep bathtub. I can’t wait to have a lovely spa bath and relax away all this moving tension. This room does lack storage, though, so some drawers and a basket for towels will definitely be in order.

Glasgow Apartment Kitchen

I saved the kitchen for last because you know that’s my favorite space. It’s tiny, but I’m confident I can make it work. I’ll just have to be very organized when I’m cooking. I’ll likely rearrange the cupboards at least five times. That hall closet I mentioned earlier will also serve as a pantry, so we’ll have plenty of storage. It will only feel like my kitchen, though, once I’ve replaced my beloved Kitchen Aid stand mixer. I was heartbroken to learn that they cost about twice as much in the UK as they do in the US. Can I set up a Go Fund Me?

There’s a lot still to be done in order to make this place fit for comfortable living, but I’m confident we can eventually make it completely awesome. I’ll share each room once it’s complete(ish). So now all that’s left is for you to tell me when you’re coming over for dinner. 

5 thoughts on “Glasgow Apartment Move-In”

  1. Wanted to let you know that the mixer is getting lots of love. Yesterday she whipped up a couple loaves of mango banana bread!

    1. Thanks for the link. I’d thought about checking Apartment Therapy, but I hadn’t heard of Emily Henderson. We definitely need to meet up when you’re in the UK. Email me or whatever with where you’ll be and when. I’d love to buy you a pint.

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