Soul de Cuba for happy hour

Happy Hour: Soul de Cuba

Soul de Cuba for happy hour

We’re so excited to kick off an awesome new monthly feature! It’s happy hour, baby!!! Every month, we’ll be featuring a new happy hour spot. It’s the perfect way to try new restaurants without spending tons of money. And a great excuse to have a drink after work. Obvs!

Our first pau hana (the Hawaiian version of happy hour) was to Soul de Cuba in downtown Honolulu. I loved this tiny little spot. It was right around the corner from the office building I’m currently working in, so we arrived just after 5:00, and the place was nearly empty. I wasn’t nervous because it had gotten good recommendations from several people. Honestly, I was just happy that it was so easy to get a table. It was much more full when we left, and there was a band setting up in the next room, so it probably gets pretty lively in the evenings.

Soul de Cuba cocktails

Soul de Cuba features some fancy rums. I’m not an expert in rum, but I do love to drink it. I had an El Presidente, which was rum, pineapple juice, and grenadine. It was sweet but potent, just the way I like it. Geoff had the capirinha, which featured muddled limes. He had three. I guess he liked them. The cocktails were made with high quality, fresh ingredients. They don’t fool around. And the happy hour menu gives you plenty of choices. Our other friends sampled the Cuba Libre and the mojito. They were all great, and only $5 or $6.

They also had a small selection of pupus (appetizers) on their happy hour menu. It’s not a lot, but what we tried tasted amazing, and I peeked at the regular menu, and you’re getting a noticeable discount by ordering during happy hour. Take the opportunity to try foods you might not normally be able to afford.

Soul de Cuba pork sliders

We ordered the lechon (pork) sliders, and they were tasty. Everything there had a lovely hint of spice, and the sauce that came on the pork was no exception. My husband took his to the next level by adding some of the lemon habanero sauce they brought out with our sliders. We loved them. And they were only $4. We also wanted to try the mango and habanero salsa, but they were sold out. 

Soul de Cuba calamare

My friend ordered the calamares fritos. I don’t care for seafood, so I didn’t try them. She loved them, though, and quickly made the entire basket disappear. It comes with two dipping sauces, so you can easily share and keep things interesting.

Soul de Cuba tapa sampler

Another friend also ordered the tapa sampler which isn’t on the happy hour menu. It had tons of food, though, and could easily have been a slow dinner over cocktails for two people. There were some great spicy roasted chickpeas, salami, chorizo, serrano ham, manchego cheese, and roasted red peppers. There was also a fiery roasted red pepper hummus, along with several pieces of toasted bread. It was a feast unto itself.

I would definitely recommend the happy hour at Soul de Cuba. I’m not sure we would have ever gone in there if we had to pay full price, but their happy hour specials gave us the opportunity to try some new foods, and some excellent drinks in a relaxed and colorful atmosphere. Happy hour is from Monday through Thursday from 4-6, so stop in after work one weekday and treat yourself to a little imaginary Cuban vacation in the middle of the week. It will be awesome!

*Top photo by Lindsey Vandolah

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