Hometown Tourist

palm trees

It’s your day off, and you’re desperate to leave your house, but you only have $7 to spend between two people. What’s to be done? Emily and I faced this dilemma one day, and we decided to become hometown tourists. 

We walked into Waikiki with our swimsuits, our towels, our cameras, and our $7. We had a great time pretending to be fancy tourists without actually spending that much money. We even put on cute outfits and lip gloss. You have to look the part.

em and flowers

After a swim in the Pacific, we got lunch, hot dogs and a can of iced tea at the ABC store. Two people, five dollars. Perhaps not the most nutritious or delicious, but we weren’t hungry. Then we set off to explore. 

All the hotels in Waikiki have open lobbies with shops and exhibits, so it’s almost like going to a museum for free. There are even some animal attractions if you know where to look. 


I had a lovely day following my daughter around as she took a hundred photos of every little thing in Waikiki. She was having a blast trying to get the coolest shots of flowers and art work and signage. 

yellow hibiscus

The great thing about being a hometown tourist is that you don’t have to live in a touristy area like Honolulu to do it. Pick up your camera, and see your own hometown in a totally new way. You’ll see things you never noticed before. And you don’t have to spend a dime.

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