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Money Savers

Fitness Should Be Free

Last week, I shared one of our favorite ways to save money and get some exercise. Urban hiking may be a great mode of transportation, but it’s pretty one dimensional in terms of a workout. I guess one would occasionally need to add a bit of variety to one’s exercise regime. I mean, if you […]


Sky High Breakfast Pizza

I first ate this breakfast pizza at our epic Star Wars marathon party. A friend brought it over to cook at my house and promptly spilled eggs in my oven. I did the exact same thing when I made this. It’s a hazard, but it’s so worth the risk. I decided it was unbelievably awesome. […]

Cowboy Spaghetti

Cowboy Spaghetti for Dad

Dudes, my dad is awesome! He showed me the stars, took me on hikes, made me pancakes, and gave me rides on his motorcycle. He watched me dance, read my bad poetry and let me cry on his shoulder. He gave me piggy back rides to bed for way longer than his back was probably […]

Passion Fruit Victoria Sponge from Awesome on 20

Passion Fruit Victoria Sponge Cake

Today is my father-in-law’s birthday. I made him a cake because that’s what I do. If only he could eat it. Alas, my in-laws live in Northern England, in the most beautiful little town where everything is so green it almost hurts your eyes. I absolutely fell in love with the place when we went […]