Customizable Planner from Say Not Sweet Ann

Printable Planner from Say Not Sweet Anne




Customizable Planner from Say Not Sweet Ann

Do you get outrageously excited every December when it’s time to get a new planner? It makes my little nerd heart sing. It’s the most awesome symbol of a fresh new year. It’s clean and new and full of possibilities. I’m such a dork. I don’t care.


This year, I got to try out something totally awesome thanks to Kayla at Say Not Sweet Anne. She creates customizable modular planners that you can print yourself so you can have yours exactly the way you want it. There are different colors and sizes, as well as add on pages to suit your needs and interests. The dates are all filled in, so the only effort on your part is hitting print and punching some holes. Pick up a cute binder at Target for cheap and go forth and be awesome.

I’m hoping to keep my crazy life awesome by staying super organized this year, and this planner is just the thing to help me avoid total insanity. If you want to check out one for yourself, visit Kayla’s Etsy Shop. We can all geek out about our custom planners together.

 *I received a free planner to test out in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own.

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