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      So, you are finally meeting the “famous” Emily.  Yep, it’s me!  And one of the things some of you might not know about me is that I LOVE fruit.  Pineapples, acai, lilikoi, you name it, and I eat the delicious thing.  Even better, it’s good for you. Anyway, me being me, I also love being festive.  So what better healthy Fourth of July dinner than a fresh, scrumptious jar o’ red, white, and blue fruit?

     Let me tell you how to make this dish (it’s not difficult AT ALL).  The first thing you need is a basic idea of what colors are what because grapefruits are not red.  So what’re some red, delicious fruits you can put into a fruit jar?  I’d recommend strawberries if you’re mixing harder fruits and cherries or raspberries for more squishy, berry-ish dishes. For the white, there are less options.  Dragonfruit, apples, bananas, pears, and pineapple are close (even though pineapple are yellow, but remember, we’re limited), but bananas and pineapple definitely have the best textures to match with every fruit.  Onto the blue.  Blueberries are all I believe to know of, and they give you the option to be a different twist of texture in the jar, or go along with the berry theme.  

      For my fruit jar, I used strawberries, bananas, and blueberries: a classic.  The textures and juices all mended together beautifully.

Fruit Jars #1 

      Now, when I thought of presentation, I thought: Mason Jars.  Americans constantly eat things out of Mason Jars, right?  First, I put in the blueberries at the bottom.  Next, the bananas.  And lastly, the strawberries.  This way, if you were to “read” the colors up to down, it’d be red, white, and blue, in that order.

Fruit Jars #3

      Overall, it came out wonderfully, and I couldn’t have picked a fresher combination for the feeling of that red, white, and blue day.


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