Sunday Brunch: Hula Grill

Sunday Brunch: Hula Grill


Sunday Brunch: Hula Grill

Last weekend, when Geoff suggested we go to Hula Grill for breakfast, I almost couldn’t wake up early enough. It’s my very favorite breakfast spot. Who wouldn’t want to eat French toast with an ocean view?

Sunday Brunch: Hula Grill

We took you to Hula Grill once already for happy hour, but it’s definitely worth a second visit. It’s on the second floor of the Outrigger Waikiki on Kalakaua, upstairs from Duke’s Waikiki, which is Geoff’s favorite breakfast spot. I love that it’s big enough that you don’t have to wait in a long line. It’s usually pretty easy for us to get a table, but we tend to wake up fairly early on the weekends. I love to sip my tea while watching the early morning surfers. The light is wonderful that time of day.

Sunday Brunch: Hula Grill

Speaking of tea, they had several great choices when I asked for hot tea. I went with the standard English Breakfast Tea, and was pleased when they brought me Hartley & Sons and not Lipton. Much better.

Portuguese Sausage Eggs Benedict at Hula Grill

Geoff ordered the Portuguese Sausage Eggs Benedict, which is a local spin on a favorite breakfast dish. It comes with a side of fried potatoes and is topped off with a generous amount of hollondaise and a bit of papaya relish. They use local eggs, which I love. Geoff says, “It was good and very tangy.” He’s such a poet. One day, I’m going to finally decide that I’ve tried enough other things on the menu to order this myself. There are just so many great choices. 

Croissant French Toast at Hula Grill

I had the Croissant French Toast with strawberries, whipped cream, and crumbles of candied bacon. You guys! They put bacon right on top of my French toast. It was so amazing. Usually I struggle to finish my food when we go out to eat, but I finished every last bite of this. Oops, except for the strawberries. The French toast was perfectly golden on the outside and creamy and light on the inside. I cannot tell you how awesome those bacon bits were. Genius.

The very best thing about Hula Grill is the quality to price ratio. We spent just under $20 each, but our breakfast was excellent. The food is high quality, and the presentation is beautiful. I feel like I’m on a fancy vacation every time I go here, and I’m not paying any more than I would at IHOP. 

If you’re in Waikiki, I insist you go to Hula Grill for breakfast. I just went last week, and I’m already pining to go again after writing this. Their menu is not extensive, but I want to try just about everything on it. It’s a completely manageable treat. We love it.

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  1. does Hula Grill know you that are reviewing them? With such great reviews they should be advertising on your blog or something (I have NO idea how that works) and I’m dying for a link to their menu after reading this. yum. thanks for your wonderful blog and I miss you. Can we do drinks after work sometime? Call me. I have that Nick Hornsby book for you.

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