Sweet Soaps from Suds n Cash

Soaps from Suds n Cash

I know so many brilliantly creative people. I love it when they turn their creativity into something that can help them feed their families. Getting paid to do the thing you love is supremely awesome. 

I recently discovered that one of my co-workers at my new job makes her own handmade soaps out of natural ingredients like goat milk and shea butter. She has all sorts of yummy flavors including lime cupcake and amaretto. The goat milk soap looks so rich and buttery my husband almost ate it thinking it was white chocolate. Maybe you can’t eat candy in the shower, but you can make your shower smell like candy, and that’s pretty great.

You can even buy soaps with cash hidden inside. That sounds like a pretty awesome surprise to me. Imagine enjoying a nice hot bath, then next thing you know, you’re holding a $50 bill. Don’t worry, it’ll dry.


You can find her handcrafted soaps, bodyscrubs, and lotions on Facebook or at the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet. If you find yourself out there, make sure you stop and give these soaps a sniff. If you don’t live on Oahu, you can buy them straight off of Facebook or at her Etsy store.

I am a total sucker for handmade, yummy smelling soaps. It’s a great little bit of indulgence for a very small price. Being able to support a friend’s growing business makes the whole thing even sweeter. 

Disclaimer: I received two sample soaps to try. Telling you about them was my own idea.

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