Awesome in February

Awesome in February

Awesome in February

February was pretty dang awesome for a couple of reasons. First off, the sun is up when I go to and come home from work. Living in constant darkness and only being able to see the sun from my office window was getting really depressing. It’s not lost on me how lucky I am to have an office with a window, but still, one does like to actually see where one is going from time to time. Secondly, that sun has actually been shining, even if those rays are rather feeble. It’s still outrageously cold, but at least I know the sun exists. It brings a smile to my face. 

It was a super busy month. I’ve barely had time to get into my kitchen, and certainly not during those precious daylight hours. I’m not complaining, just feeling a bit guilty that I haven’t been able to share much great food with you guys. There are two new recipes coming your way this week, though, so you better get excited.


I recently took a freezing cold trip down to Blackpool to celebrate my sister-in-laws last days of maidenhood, also known as a hen party. We went to a fabulous drag revue and had a blast, even though the wind was blowing 30 miles per hour along the seaside. 

We had a friend come up and stay for the weekend which meant I got to eat French toast and bacon at Cranachan in Prince’s Square. Breakfast is a whole different animal in the UK, so when I can find something a little sweet, I get really excited. 

I went to a baby shower at The Pig and the Butterfly’s tea room and a wedding at Sloan’s. I got to eat amazing food at both. 

And and and I went to Edinburgh for the day and did all sorts of nerdy stuff. Full details on that are coming very soon!

There’s been some mind-blowing food on the internet lately. February is a great month for chocolate lovers. This Vanilla Bean Chocolate Cake from How Sweet It Is pretty much has everything I’ve ever wanted in my entire life. Brownie Pie from Crazy for Crust is like whaaaaaat?!?!?! This Buffalo Fried Chicken Sandwich from HonestlyYum makes me want to die and go to crunchy spicy heaven.

I also saw every movie ever recently in the run up to the Oscars. My favorites were Spotlight and Room. What did you love?

Bacon Cheeseburger Meatloaf | How to be Awesome on $20 a Day

This month, you were crazy about Bacon Cheeseburger Meatloaf. You guys! It’s so good. Just don’t tell your doctor.

Double Chocolate Muffins from Awesome on 20

You were true to your love of chocolate and made lots of Double Chocolate Muffins because you know what’s up.

Buffalo Chicken Pinwheels | How to be Awesome on $20 a Day

Finally, on Superbowl Sunday, you went absolutely crazy for Buffalo Chicken Pinwheels. We broke a traffic record with those bad boys. They totally deserve it.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed for more sun and more adventures as the days get longer. Don’t forget to be awesome, kids!

Burgerology: Handmade Burger Co

Burgerology: Handmade Burger Co.

Burgerology: Handmade Burger Co

We’ve taken our search for awesome burgers across the pond to Scotland. I can already tell we’re going to have a lot of delicious work to do. There are four burger restaurants all on one block in the city center. I’ve actually renamed St. Vincent Street and now refer to it as burger street in my mind every time I walk down it. I can’t wait to try all the best burgers Glasgow has to offer.

Burgerology: Handmade Burger Co

Our first review is Handmade Burger Co. I realize this is a chain, but it’s new to me, so I was excited to try it out. As their name suggests, their burgers are all handmade with locally sourced ingredients, and it shows. The good news for you is that you won’t have to come all the way to Glasgow to try it out if you haven’t been here yet, though why you wouldn’t want to come to Glasgow is beyond me. 

Burgerology: Handmade Burger Co

I had the Peanut Butter Bacon Burger with cheddar, no veggies. It was amazing. Some people might be skeptical about peanut butter on a burger, but I assure you, it totally works. My burger patty was also thick, juicy, and well seasoned. There was a bit of onion in there, too, but not so much that it ruins it for veggie haters like me. I was very happy.

Burgerology: Handmade Burger Co

Geoff had the Cajun Vegetable and Bean Burger, and he finished it in about five minutes. He reports that it was very juicy and flavorful. You know how dedicated he is to describing his food. 

Burgerology: Handmade Burger Co

We also got the Cajun Chips. These were some of the best chips I’ve had since we moved to Glasgow. They were fat like traditional chips but still crunchy on the outside. They also didn’t skimp on the seasoning, and the heat really built up as we were enjoying them. We got garlic mayo and barbecue sauce for dipping, and we both preferred the garlic mayo as an accompaniment to these chips.

Burgerology: Handmade Burger Co

The service was friendly and the St. Vincent Street location is in a really cool building with plenty of seating. The only downside to this experience was the price. If you want to order a cider with your burger and order some chips to share, you can expect to pay at least £30 for two people. However, they did give us a voucher for “buy one burger get one for £1” for our next visit, so maybe it will balance out in the long run.

Overall, I’d say Handmade Burger Co. definitely makes awesome burgers, and I’d definitely visit again for a special occasion.

Do you have a favorite place to get a burger? Let me know in the comments so we can try it out.

Awesome in November

Awesome in November

Awesome in November

November hit like a cold brick wall here in Glasgow, and I wasn’t prepared. When  you only allow yourself to spend $20 a day (or now I guess it’s £13), it’s tough to amass an entirely new, seasonally appropriate wardrobe. I’m working on it, but we have a long way to go in the warm department. At least I now have a few pairs of shoes that aren’t flip flops.

I also started a brand new, real life, full-time job at the beginning of the month, and it was simultaneously awesome and exhausting. Learning the culture and vocabulary of a new organization really takes it out of me. I just hope the people who pay me realize that when I’m staring off into space, I’m actually working deep inside my brain.

Howlin Wolf3

Between the non-stop rain and the fact that it goes dark at 4 pm, we haven’t been getting out much, but we did make a special trip to Howlin’ Wolf. We also managed to grab a burger at Gourmet Burger Kitchen. I’ve been testing out all the seasonal hot chocolate flavors all the coffee shops are offering, and so far, my favorite is the Black Forest Hot Chocolate at Costa Coffee. 

Sadly, my constant brain fry means I also haven’t spent much time reading about food on the internet, but I did manage to find some tasty stuff for you.

These Red Velvet Nutella-Stuffed Cookies from Cookie Named Desire look pretty dang rad.

I’m desperately wishing I was cool enough to hang out with Joy the Baker, eat Chili Cheese Dogs, and talk about winter coats and global warming.  

And Brown Eyed Baker solved my “no Pilsbury dough in a tube” problem by teaching us how to make our own Homemade Crescent Rolls. Thanks internet!

Finally, here’s what you thought was awesome this month. 

Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding from Awesome on 20

You were feeling sweet and frugal this month and making lots of Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding. You’re so smart.

Cranberry Glazed Turkey Meatloaf | How to be Awesome on $20 a Day

Everybody’s finally gotten on board the meatloaf for Thanksgiving bandwagon I’ve been driving for the past four years. You loved Cranberry-Glazed Turkey Meatloaf. You’re so right.

Peanut Butter Fudge from Awesome on 20

Everybody’s favorite is always Peanut Butter Fudge. I’m planning on making myself a batch next week for my new work friends. I think they’ll like it.

Don’t forget to share your photos on Instagram and tag them #awesome365. It’s a beautiful world out there, especially in December. Bring on my birthday. Bring on Christmas. Bring on my baby coming home to Scotland. I’m so ready.

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