10 Awesome Winter Desserts

10 Awesome Winter Desserts

10 Awesome Winter Desserts

Dessert is a way of life in my house, and now that I live in a country where there’s not a chance you’ll have to wear a swimsuit at any given moment, it seems that everyone else enjoys a bit of cake or biscuit in the afternoon almost as much as I do. Winter is the perfect time to turn on your oven and bake your face off, so here are 10 totally awesome winter desserts you can make yourself and share with friends. Or not. I won’t tell.

My mom’s peanut butter fudge recipe has been viewed almost 30,000 times, and it deserves every single one. This is my very favorite thing to eat. You really need to try it right now.

Something about toffee makes me think of winter, and that’s why you should make this caramel toffee cheesecake right this minute. Also because it’s awesome and tastes like a dream.

Chocolate chip bread pudding is great for using up stale bread, and it’s made with rum. You’re going to have to buy some for Santa anyway, right? Maybe leave him some bacon, too. He’ll like that.

Peppermint is everywhere right now, and I’m so happy about it. These mint brownies can be made red or green, so get to it.

White chocolate chip brownies are equally rad, plus, they sort of look like snow, I guess. Whatever, just eat them and be happy.

Salted caramel pudding is so many kinds of good I don’t even know where to start. This recipe has such a deep flavor and an outstanding combination of textures. It’s basically irresistible. 

It’s not Christmas without Classic Fudge. It’s a close second for best food in the world. You’ll definitely want to make both. 

Pumpkin cake is everything you ever dreamed of topped with silky cream cheese frosting. Don’t wake up. Just live in the pumpkin dream.

It’s a tough call, but I think these oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are definitely in the top five of best cookies I’ve ever eaten. It’s the maple syrup that really does the trick. Must have.

Chocolate cinnamon bread is actually cake, but it’s definitely loaded with chocolate and cinnamon, and it’s definitely so so awesome. Make tea, eat cake, be happy.

So, what’s your favorite winter dessert?

27 Awesome Thanksgiving Recipes | How to be Awesome on $20 a Day

27 Awesome Thanksgiving Recipes

27 Awesome Thanksgiving Recipes | How to be Awesome on $20 a Day

Thanksgiving is my very favorite holiday, and I have a feeling I’ll be outrageously homesick on Turkey Day this year as I’ll be at work with a bunch of Brits who don’t give a rat’s patootie about getting together with your family to eat waaaaay too much food all in the name of being thankful. We’ll definitely be stuffing our faces the Saturday before and converting anyone I can trick into coming to my house that day into hard core Thanksgiving lovers. Welcome to the awesome side. Here are 27 recipes that will make everyone you know thankful they have taste buds.

Poinsettia Champagne Cocktail | How to be Awesome on $20 a Day

Drinks– Let’s be real. Getting together with your family is mostly awesome, but a few drinks can’t hurt.

Goat Cheese Crostini with Macadamia Nuts & Honey | How to be Awesome on $20 a Day

Appetizers and Snacks– Keep vultures out of your kitchen by feeding them!

Cranberry Glazed Turkey Meatloaf | How to be Awesome on $20 a Day

Turkey– Does anybody actually like roast turkey all that much? Here’s an alternative!

Rosemary Potato Rolls from Awesome on 20

Sides– This is the best part. Duh!

Mini Pumpkin Cheesecakes | How to be Awesome on $20 a Day

Desserts– I’m kind of waiting all day for dessert. 

Sausage Egg & Cheese Biscuit with Apple Butter from Awesome on 20

Breakfast– There’s a good chance you’ll still have people hanging around in the morning. Keep your game face on and make them an awesome, simple breakfast.

Happy Thanksgiving, kids. I can’t wait!!!

To Surinder Singh or not to Surinder Singh…

How to get a UK Spouse Visa without a lawyer

. . . that is the question!

Renee is still stuck in the hospital so Geoff is here to keep you company again. I’m constantly researching the convoluted ways of moving to different countries. Call it a, “hobby” if you will! I figured that as I’m doing the hard work, I should impart some of my wisdom to you, the lucky readers. Immigration lawyers are expensive and generally not-needed. Some countries are relatively easy, others keep you wrapped up in red tape. Hopefully we’ll be able to save you some of your hard-earned money in the time-honored “Awesome On $20” way. Let’s look at UK immigration first of all.

Our first option is the official UK Government route for coming home with a non-EU spouse.

To qualify for a spouse visa the UK citizen needs to meet the following specifications:

Needs a confirmed job offer for a job in the UK, earning £18,600 or more per year, starting no more than 3 months after your application.

Needs to have been earning the foreign equivalent of £18,600 per year for either 6 months (if you have worked for the same employer for the last six months and are still employed with them at the time of application) or 12 months (averaged out over the last 12 months for multiple jobs).

If you have children that you are also bringing with you, the amount is increased by £3,800 for the first child and then an extra £2,400 per child.

Note: If you have £62,500 or more in savings (and have had that in your account for at least 6 months) then none of this applies to you. You are automatically awarded a visa. Congratulations.

The tricky part is actually getting a job without having a face to face interview. I did manage to get my first job in the US while I was still living in Taiwan, via Skype, but not sure how common this is. If you can afford to fly home for interviews, great, but if you are like the rest of us, this probably isn’t an option. Of course there’s a whole load of paperwork and “evidence” that you need to collect to show that you earn a certain amount. Click HERE to get detailed info straight from the horse’s arse mouth. This visa costs £885.

Renee in London
Tourist-mode back on our last visit

The second option is called the “Surinder Singh” route. So called after a famous court case. Basically, this is a back-door option that circumvents the UK Government’s visa restrictions. If the UK citizen goes to live and work in another EU country, their non-EU spouse can go with them and also work. Once you can prove that the UK citizen’s ‘centre of life’ has moved to the other EU country, you are free to apply for an EEA Family Permit. This permit is as good as a visa and allows you to live and work in the UK indefinitely! The guideline for time spent in the other EU country is 3 months minimum.

When applying for the EEA Family Permit, you’ll need:

Proof of address for the UK citizen in the other EU country (rental agreement or perhaps bank statements).

Proof of ‘integration’ (anything that shows the UK citizen became involved with the local community. Maybe a letter from a club or society).

Proof that the UK citizen was working (wage slips, contracts, tax returns etc).

The best thing about the Surinder Singh route is that there’s no cost for an EEA Family Permit! How’s that for being Awesome on $20?

Other European citizens can move to the UK straight away and work with no hassle! A Polish person could bring an Indian spouse into the UK easier than a Brit bringing in an American! Crazy!

Stay tuned for more free immigration advice. Next time we will look at getting your American Green Card!

Hopefully Renee will be back on her feet and making delicious treats for you fine folks in no time at all. Here’s to a quick recovery!

Even British horses are cool...
Even British horses are cool…
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