The Place Where Pudding Should Be

empty glasses

Sometimes things go wrong. Can we let that stop us from being awesome? I think not. There’s a long list of things that led me to not having a proper blog post for today, starting with corn starch that lost its magic and ending with one too many awesome Skyy martinis at Bar 35.  There should be chocolate pudding in those glasses, but there’s just not. It makes me a little sad, but life goes and its only as awesome as you make it.

Later we’ll talk about how I hopefully saved my ruined pudding and turned it into ice cream. I really hope that’s the case. You know I’m not about to waste chocolate. And Friday we’ll talk about just how awesome everything is at Bar 35.


For now, we’ll just accept that sometimes life takes a detour. Some things don’t come together like you’d hoped. Some things change into something else that’s just as beautiful. And some things are just so much fun that they take up way more time than you planned. That’s what makes life awesome.

Geoff and I both work really hard during the day, and while I truly love this blog, occasionally I just can’t cram one more thing into my life. So rather than write a sub-par post, I just want to give a high five to all of you ridiculously hard workers out there. I hope you take a moment this week to relax and enjoy the company of friends. It will be extra awesome if there’s pizza and Tahitian beer involved.

Let’s live life and be awesome. That’s what we’re here for!

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