Welcome to Glasgow

Welcome to Glasgow


Welcome to Glasgow

We arrived safely in Glasgow around 8:30 am local time. After leaving Honolulu at 10 pm, traveling for 22 hours, watching 2 sunrises and attempting to stay up all of Thursday, you can surely imagine my brain was completely scrambled. After a solid 11 hours of sleep Saturday night, I think I might be starting to feel human again. Time to live big.

River Clyde

You guys, everything here is completely awesome!!! Everywhere you look, there’s something cool. There’s a huge variety of architecture here, wildflowers all over the place, new to me shops and restaurants and pubs. I’d like to request at least another three pairs of eyes.

Let's Eat Glasgow

Yesterday was my lovely sister-in-law’s birthday celebration, and she must have been channeling me because she decided to visit a local food festival, Let’s Eat Glasgow. There were a bunch of local restaurants offering £5 small plates. Thanks to my recent Yelp browsing, I knew these were mostly places we wouldn’t have been able to afford otherwise, so it was a great opportunity to try some slightly more upscale food for cheap.

Let's Eat Glagow

I had the most perfect Scotch egg from The Gannet. It was a duck egg wrapped in black pudding, and it was completely delightful. I have no idea how they kept the yolk so perfectly gelled. Scotch eggs are my new favorite. I also tried their chocolate delice with roasted hazel nuts and sea salt. It had me dancing in the street.

Geoff got the venison and pork gyro from Stravaigin. He loved it. As usual, that’s all he has to say about that.

Kelvingrove Museum

In the afternoon, we had a quick pop in to the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum. This is, without a doubt, one of the most random collection of things I’ve seen. It was completely brilliant, and I can’t wait to go back for some leisurely exploration.  

Howlin' Wolf

We also had fried chicken and mac and cheese at a blues pub called The Howlin’ Wolf. The chicken was tender and crispy, though not exactly like southern fried chicken. Still, I’m not complaining. The mac and cheese was amazing. We got the side, but you can also get it as a main with pulled pork and chorizo. I want to go back so I can try that and one of their blues musician inspired cocktails. 

We’ve been stumbling around trying to take it all in. The apartment search starts in earnest today. I’ll have my own kitchen soon, and I’ll finally be ready to share some new recipes. In the meantime, I’m going to keep walking around with my jaw dropped while taking photos of literally everything. 

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