Why Staying In Is Awesome

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I was supposed to be telling you about a new restaurant this week. My love of cheeseburgers and cocktails has not waned, but the pull of non-stop Olympic coverage is calling to me. I can’t seem to tear myself away. Valentine’s Day came and went, I have a long weekend, and I plan on staying in for the whole thing. I’m not remotely bothered. Here are just a few reasons staying in is more awesome than going out!

1. Sweatpants! The most obvious benefit of not leaving your house is that you can wear whatever you want. You can put your pajamas on at 5:00 pm if you want. Sweat pants, no pants, whatever. There’s no one to impress so you can get as comfortable as you like.

2. No people! You don’t have to deal with lines, crowds, loud talkers, or any other bothersome behaviors some humans sometimes exhibit. You only have to deal with the people you allow through your front door, and presumably those are going to be people you like. And they can wear sweatpants, too, if they want.

3.  Save money! You almost never have to pay more at the grocery store than you would at a restaurant or bar. Throw on a hoodie, run to the store and grab your provisions, then lock out the world. You’ll save a wad of cash.

4. Everything’s made to order! Since you’re making your own food and drinks, you get to have everything exactly how you like it. Your food is cooked precisely how you like it, you don’t have to pick anything off or push a side dish to the edge of the plate. If you want seconds, or another round, you can have as much as you want. Who’s gonna stop you.

5.  No travelling. You don’t have to drive or walk anywhere. No traffic, no sore feet, no parking, and no chance of drunk driving. You’re right where you’re going to be, and you don’t have to get anywhere else. Indulge, go wild. You’re in the safest place possible.

6. Your bed is just a few yards away! When I’m done, I’m done. I want to be in my bed right now or sooner if possible. Getting home after an exhausting evening out is the absolute worst part. If you stay in, you can just walk into the next room, flop yourself on your bed, and go to sleep. I mean, you’re already in your sweatpants, so you don’t even have to undress. It’s truly ideal.

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Sure, checking out the latest restaurant or club can be fun and impressive, but I don’t think anybody should ever feel the need to apologize for spending a fun night or weekend nice and cozy in your house. Stay in. Be proud. It’s awesome!

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