20 Awesome No-Bake Treats

20 Awesome No-Bake Treats


20 Awesome No-Bake Treats for when it’s too hot to turn on the oven. Don’t let anything stop you from having dessert, even summer.

20 Awesome No-Bake Treats

Things are going back to normal here in Glasgow, and you can’t go out without a jacket anymore. But we had a good run there for a while where it felt like real life actual summer. Nobody has air conditioning here, so the thought of turning on your oven is particularly abhorrent. 

For most of you in the northern hemisphere, you’re probably still in the thick of the heat, and even with air conditioning, you’re probably dreading cranking up the oven for an hour. And yet, my sweet tooth knows no season. I still need desserts. Here are 20 sweet no-bake treats to keep you cool this summer.

  1. peanut butter fudge
  2. salted caramel pudding
  3. classic fudge
  4. pink lemonade fudge
  5. no-bake chocolate peanut butter pie
  6. 5 minute microwave lemon cake
  7. chocolate pudding
  8. cookies and cream fridge cake
  9. brownie butterscotch pudding parfait
  10. chocolate orange mousse
  11. double layer pumpkin pie
  12. giant peanut butter cups
  13. no-bake holiday pie
  14. lemon meringue fool
  15. nutella cheesecake parfaits
  16. no-bake passion fruit cheesecake
  17. grasshopper pie
  18. chocolate lime pie
  19. plainly awesome doughnuts
  20. nutella no-bake cookies

Have a sweet summer, friends.

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