20 Awesome Tips for Moving Abroad

20 Awesome Tips for Moving Abroad Part 3

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20 Awesome Tips for Moving Abroad

Departure day is getting closer and closer. What else do we need to get together to get out of the country?

11. Prepare for your electronics– Make sure you find out how electricity works in the country you’re going to and whether or not it’s different than where you live. If it is,  you’ll need to make some preparations for your electronics. For your laptop, you don’t need to replace your whole charger, just the end with the plug. This should save you some money. For your phone, just get a the USB part of the charger and plug that in. Things like hair appliances are probably better replaced if you’re going somewhere where the electricity is stronger. Even with a good adapter you can blow a motor or burn yourself pretty badly. 

12. Order SIM cards for your phone– If you’re moving from the U.S. to another country, chances are you’ll need a SIM card for  your phone. If you have a contract, find out what it’s going to take to get out of it and whether or not your phone can be unlocked. Check Amazon and eBay to see if you can pre-order new SIM cards. That way you can put them in your phone on the plane and you’ll be able to make phone calls when you land at the airport.

13.  Cancel your bills– Skim through your bank statement and make a list of all the automatic debits you’ve set up. Make sure you cancel them all before you leave. Usually utilities will let you set your end date ahead of time, and sometimes there may be a deposit coming back to you. Don’t forget about Netflix. You don’t want any surprise charges coming out of your bank account after you do item #14.

14.  Transfer your money– Check around and find the best service to wire your money. Find out how to get the lowest fees and the best exchange rate. We’re lucky enough to have family in the country we’re moving to, so we can transfer the money to them and then into our own account after we arrive. If you don’t have access to an account ahead of time, you can always call the bank when you get there. Remember, you don’t want to transfer or travel with more than $10,000 at a time. $9,999 is fine.

15.  Don’t forget to leave a forwarding address– You’ll need to leave a forwarding address with your current employer as well as the post office at the least. For some people, it may be okay to give your foreign address, but the post office won’t forward your mail outside the country. Ask a relative if you can have your mail forwarded to them. They can send along anything that’s really important.

This is a lot of tedious business, but it all has to be done before you can set off. Don’t worry, we’re going to get to the fun stuff in part 4.

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