20 Awesome Tips for Moving Abroad

20 Awesome Tips for Moving Abroad Part 4


20 Awesome Tips for Moving Abroad

We’re in the home stretch, kids. Before you know it, we’ll be at the airport with everything we own setting off to start a new life. There are just a few more things we need to take care of before we leave.

16.  Start looking for an apartment– Having a place to live lined up before you land would be amazing, but it’s pretty difficult to do if you’ve never even been to the city you’re planning on living in before. I’ve been looking online for apartments in Glasgow ever since Geoff first had an interview there. Our plan is to get a short 3-6 month lease in the cheapest furnished apartment we can find near his office. I will start contacting leasing agents about a week before we depart to try to set up viewings for the day after we land. It’s nice to have a head start, and the leasing agent may have some other properties that aren’t listed online yet that they can also let you in on when you get there. 

17. Plan your going away party– A lot of people are probably going to want to share one last drink with you before you leave. Unless you’re a radical extrovert with a ton of energy, I recommend planning one or two evenings out, letting everyone know where you’ll be, and asking them to come to you all at once. You’re going to be super busy, so it will be difficult for you to stop by and visit everyone individually. Make sure to bring your camera and get a photo with all your friends and family. You may want to hang it up in your new apartment.

18.  Consider your in-flight entertainment options– You’re traveling overseas, so there’s a pretty good chance you have some very long flights ahead of you. I find air travel to be much more bearable if I’m properly distracted. Try to find out ahead of time if your flights will have individual on-demand screens or if you’ll need to provide your own entertainment. We’re traveling with a budget Canadian airline, so I’ll have to have a fully charged laptop and lots of movies pre-loaded on the hard drive. I also like magazines rather than books for air travel because if you get interrupted frequently, it’s not as annoying.

19.  Buy a guidebook for your new country– Go online or to the bookstore and get yourself a travel guidebook for the country you’re moving to. Not only will it give you tons of ideas for cool ways to spend your weekends, it will likely also have tips for how to best navigate using public transportation. There will also be some very useful tips on culture and etiquette in your new country. You’re going to want to know who to tip when and how to avoid offending people as much as possible. 

20. Take some time to daydream– You’ve worked hard for this. You’ve sacrificed a lot, and now it’s time to enjoy the possibilities. Don’t forget to take a break and allow yourself to relax. Moving is a long and stressful process. Don’t forget to enjoy it. Make a list of all the places you want to visit and things you want to eat. Imagine what you’ll wear and how you’ll decorate your apartment. Dream about the people you’ll meet. You made it. It’s gonna be awesome! Get into it.

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