Welcome to How To Be Awesome on $20 a Day where we believe life should be awesome, even if  your paycheck isn’t. On this site, you’ll find delicious recipes made from quality affordable ingredients, as well as travel adventures, restaurant reviews, and tips on how to live your best life on a modest salary. 

Why $20 a day?

Budgeting is a pain in the ass. I sincerely hate math, but having grown up poor, I’m also constantly worried about money. In order to spend my time enjoying life instead of stressing out about my budget, I created a simple system. Every Friday, I take $140 cash out of the ATM and try to use only that for groceries, clothing, entertainment, and other expenses. We’re not super strict about it, but it’s easy to look in your wallet and gauge your progress. It takes the stress out of budgeting, leaving you more time to be awesome.

Shouldn’t it be £13?

Now that I live in the UK, I’m actually working on £90 a week, but it just doesn’t have the same poetic ring to it. And having lived abroad before, I know I’m constantly converting the cost of everything I buy back to dollars to give myself a true sense of what I’m paying. Who knows, I may very well be in another country soon. Google has a handy dandy currency converter if you’re ever curious. Siri will also convert just about anything for you. I know. I’ve used these features a lot.

About Renee


I’m an American living in Glasgow, Scotland. Since graduating from high school, I’ve lived in five cities around the world. I’ve worked in education and the non-profit sector, and I firmly believing serving others is my purpose in life. Unfortunately, it doesn’t pay very well.

I have an ongoing love affair with cheese and chocolate. I believe a laughing fit and a good nap can solve nearly any problem. I love to dance, sometimes in inappropriate places. I believe that you should work your ass off to accomplish your dreams, even if they seem impossible. 

I write this blog to remind myself and you that it’s our experiences, not our possessions, that truly make our lives awesome. Being envious of others who are more well off is a waste of energy. Let’s work with what we’ve got, be grateful, and find beauty and joy in everything we do. And don’t forget to be awesome!

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  1. Yay Renee! It’s so true. It’s amazing what you can learn to live without & all the things we really don’t need. It’s almost freeing:)

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