Awesome in April with a pink tulip

Awesome in April


April’s certainly had it’s ups and downs, but each day is looking a little bit brighter. I’m sharing what was awesome in April, including some movie, TV, and recipe recommendations. Let’s do it.

Awesome in April with a pink tulip

I got to spend the first two weeks of the month at home, and this time, I mean literally in my house. I got to take a proper spring break for the first time in years now that I’m back on a teacher’s schedule (not a teacher this time). Luckily, I did manage to get my hair cut, but since most businesses are still closed and we still really weren’t supposed to use public transport, I was actually in my house a majority of the time. In fact, I think I went five days without stepping outside. I was enjoying myself so much, though, that I didn’t even notice.

My brain got a much needed rest and was actually able to start creating again. I spent much of that time coming up with new ideas for my business. I put together an ebook, and decided to learn how to podcast. More on that later. I’m still in the “how do you turn on this mic” phase of pocasting. But I haven’t felt this excited about a project in a long time. I hope it works.

Awesome Movies & TV

All that time off gave me plenty of space to watch movies and good TV which is something I absolutely love. I’m writing this before the Oscars, so when you read it, you’ll know whether or not the Academy agreed with me, but here are some of my favorite Oscar picks.

The Father was absolutely heartbreaking. The last 10 minutes or so just broke me. Minari was sweet and funny and unexpected. Nomadland was visually stunning and… contemplative (that’s me trying to say it was slow but that was the point). A Promising Young Woman should be required viewing. It was visually stunning and simultaneously beautiful to look at and hard to watch, which is exactly why I think you should watch it. It’s gonna bring up some hard conversations that need to be had. The Trial of the Chicago 7 ticks all the Oscars boxes, and I wish I was more sophisticated, but I’m here for it.

There are still lots of films on the list that I want to see. Hopefully, I’ll get to them soon. But I also had to take a couple nights off from my awards list to watch Wanda/Vision at last. I enjoyed it, but I gotta tell you, I’m ready for more Agatha Harkness. I could have long long talks about this show. Maybe that’s why I need a podcast.

Have you seen any of these? Let me know in the comments what you thought.

Awesome internet food

I don’t know if Bacon Cheeseburger Doughnuts are breakfast, dinner, or dessert, but I want one. Hold the pickles.

This Sheet Pan Pesto Chicken and Lemon Butter Potatoes with Whipped Feta would make a beautiful Beltane dinner.

When the sun comes out, I want lemon everything. These Lemon Cupcakes from Grandbaby Cakes are exactly what I’m talking about.

Full English Breakfast with beans, egg, and black pudding

Your favorite awesome on 20 recipes this month were Chicken & Goat Cheese Pasta, Strawberry Soju Slushie, and Full English Breakfast. It’s what we need.

April was a bit bipolar, but May is promising changes. I’m ready for it. It might be time to break my hibernation. Are we ready to get out into the world again? We’ll take it slow and make it awesome.

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