Awesome in February


February was equal parts exciting and boring, but we’re learning to make the most of life in lockdown. Let’s unpack what was awesome in February. Gotta keep that bright side polished, kids.

Awesome in February muffins with snowy city in the background

The month of February starts off with the witch holiday of Imbolc which marks the halway point between winter and spring. It’s all about the early stirrings of new life. I set an intention to welcome new opportunities into my life, and guys, it worked. I’ve now got a side hustle to my side hustle working as a VA. Hit me up for you’re looking for someone to do some writing or admin for you from afar.

But things also seem to be going well in blog land. Slow and steady growth is the name of the game, and I can start to see my hard work paying off. I feel like I’m ready to start taking my business to the next level and start racking up some rejection letters. My tarot cards suggested there might be trolls in my future. I think that’s when you know you’ve made it.

We had our own little snowstorm here in the middle of the month. I’m immensely grateful that I was able to stay warm and comfortable inside my home. I know nature and the capitalist takeover of utilities has not been so kind to others. If you’re able to give to a food bank in an area that’s been hard hit by these winter storms, it will bring exponential relief to that community.

Passing the time with TV

With the announcement of the Golden Globe nominations a few weeks ago, I’ve been watching all sorts of good stuff. Monk on Netflix got more enaging as it went along. Gary Oldman gave a great performance, but I found the film forgettable.

I already talked about season 4 of The Crown. What were your thoughts? I know people have very strong feelings here.

My favorite so far has been The Trial of the Chicago 7. This movie seemed tailor-made for me. Quick, witty Sodeberg dialogue, uncomplicated social justice issues, the ultimate triumph of the human spirit. Ultimately, it didn’t ask that much of me and was highly entertaining. Is it a perfect film politically? Probably not. Is it a rewarding way to spend a few hours on a Saturday night? I say yes, for sure.

We’ve now started Ozark. We’re fresh at the beginning. Have you watched this? Right now, it feels like it’s trying to ride the coattails of Breaking Bad, and that’s an impossibly high standard. Still, I find myself invested.

Awesome internet food

I’ve been so busy with starting a third job and watching every movie and tv show ever, I’m a bit behind on awesome internet food. Here are a few things I found worth loving this month.

We are obsessed with sweet potatoes at the moment, so when Rebecca says she’s got failproof Crispy Baked Sweet Potato Fries, I’m all ears.

Cheese and pasta are possibly my favorite food groups, so this Creamy Roasted Red Pepper Tortellini has definitely piqued my interest.

Look, we all need a little extra chocolate right now. It’s dark times everywhere. This Chocolate Bundt Cake looks like it could see us through.

White Cheddar Fondue | How to be Awesome on $20 a Day

Your favorite Awesome on 20 recipes this month were White Cheddar Fondue, Buffalo Chicken Pinwheels, and a Lemongrass Gin Cocktail. I think some of you were having Super Bowl parties. It’s cool. Be safe, friends.

I don’t think the government has plans to let us out of the house for a few more weeks yet. Are we ready to celebrate a year of corona virus restrictions? What choice do we have? Let’s make it as aweosme as possible.

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