Awesome in February

February quickly disappeared in an Olympic haze. I struggle to remember what I even did in the few moments I could be torn away from the television.

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Awesomest Olympic Moments

I was so close to watching everything ever of the BBC Olympic coverage, but then I got too far behind. Things started to disappear before I could watch them, and since my OCD is what got me into this mess in the first place, I couldn’t very well continue once I had to skip something. There were some spectacularly unforgettable moments, though. It’s fascinating to watch another country’s coverage. I got to see this unbelievable final stone in a tie-breaker match for Team GB’s men’s curling team. I had my mind blown by this crazy moguls skier. I witnessed commentators in tears over a bronze medal for Jenny Jones in the first ever women’s snowboard slope style competition. Sometimes I wish the Olympics were on all the time, but it’s the rarity that makes them so special. Besides, I think I’d turn into a zombie if I had to watch this much TV more than twice a year.

Photo by Jessica of How Sweet It Is
Photo by Jessica of How Sweet It Is

Awesomest Grilled Cheese

Jessica from How Sweet It Is blows my mind on a pretty regular basis, and this month, it was with this Spicy Mini Meatball Grilled Cheese that had me swooning. Meatball subs are always so hard to eat. The crunchy bread and the gooey cheese. . . I die.


Awesomest Expat Adventure Novel

I’ve slowly but surely been reading The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver this month. It’s about a family who goes to the Congo in the early 60’s as missionaries. They struggle to get by as Congo undergoes revolution and then another masked foreign control. This novel is told from multiple points of view and skillfully crafted. I’ve always been so curious about Africa. If you love to travel but can’t afford to leave your house, definitely read this novel. It’s brilliant.

 Things You Thought Were Awesome

February was a great month for this sexy dessert, salted caramel pudding. Perfect for two people. 

You loved Triple Lemon Yogurt Cake, and why wouldn’t you? I’ve already had requests to make this again for the office. 

You’re just as fascinated as I am with Things British People Put Between Two Pieces of Bread. I’ll never really be able to understand it. It makes my husband happy. 

So long, February, Sochi, and vegging out in front of the TV. Hopefully, March will be a bit more active. I might be melting into the sofa.

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