Awesome in January - Willow tree in winter near a frozen pond

Awesome in January


Guys, January has never been my favorite, and this one was especially rough. But dwelling too long in the darkness is not how we do things here. Let’s talk about what was awesome in January. It’s fine. I promise.

Awesome in January - Willow tree in winter near a frozen pond

The first month of 2021 has already been a really tough slog. Scotland went back into lockdown, including school closure, which means I’m back to working from home. It’s fine but also weird, and I really need a haircut. And while I’m keeping safe at home, I know dozens are people are suffering and dying each day, and it sucks. It’s just the most awful. Please take this seriously, friends. I couldn’t bear it if something happened to you.

And as if a global pandemic weren’t enough, my country experienced an insurrection, an invasion of our capitol building by a group of angry people that I just can’t understand. I try so hard to be empathetic and give people the benefit of the doubt, but I really struggled to put myself in those people’s shoes. Where does their anger come from? I feel like we can’t heal it if we don’t understand it.

But just two weeks later, the world got to witness the swearing in of the first female vice president of the United States, and boy if my heart didn’t flood with love and hope. There have been so many contrasting emotions in such a short space of time, it’s difficult to process it all.

We need a little escape

Star Trek: Discovery finished up its third season. Wow, that show is visually impressive. Like everything in the franchise, it’s incessently earnest and a bit predictable, but I feel like we could all use a dose of that overly optimistic, radically inclusive future. It’s not the best TV ever made, but it’s stunning to look at and a great way to pass an hour a week. It’s available on Netflix here in the UK.

We’re also a little over halfway through The Queen’s Gambit. There’s been so much news watching this month, that it’s taking us a while to get through fun TV. I know most of you have probably already seen this. I want basically every outfit that Beth Harmon wears once she starts getting to pick out her own clothes. And honestly, the show is worth it just to see some of those hotel sets. I think I’ve been a bit traumatized by modern television, though, because I keep expecting much worse things to happen to her than actually do. Anyway, if you haven’t seen this yet, check it out. Let me know what you think in the comments if you have.

Awesome internet food

The world of internet food can be a bit bleak in January because everybody’s posting healthy diet food. It feels obligatory, but I don’t love it.

This Citrus Champagne Layer Cake from Tutti Dolci is a real stunner. Citrus season is just the best.

I’m a sucker for baked pasta, so you know I want to dive face first into these Crazy Good Classic Stuffed Shells from Baker by Nature.

I love a spicy egg situation, so I was all over these Za’atar Eggs with Lemony Yogurt and Herbs from Half Baked Harvest. More chili oil, please.

Black Pudding Hash

Your favorite Awesome on 20 recipes this month were Whipped Ricotta, Black Pudding Hash, and a Buttery Nipple Milkshake. Sounds like you guys aren’t dieting, either. You’re my kind of people.

Look, the world is not going to change overnight, but if we don’t keep bringing the love, how can we expect to create the awesome world we want to live in? Will we go to a bookstore in February? I don’t know. But we will keep cooking, and laughing, and doing the best we can. See you on the other side.

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