Awesome in May


My frozen fingers are telling me it’s still February, but the calendar says it’s the end of May, so I guess it is. Despite the horrible weather let’s dig into what was awesome in May. I know we can find something good.

Awesome in May - Kenmure Temple ruins atop a green hill

Although I’m sitting here trying to warm up after another wet drive home from another stressful day at work, we actually did a couple cool things this month. My husband went on a bit of a reservation spree, and we ended up eating out twice at a couple of our favorite places.

Our first stop was for food and a cocktail at Max’s Bar on Queen Street in Glasgow. I couldn’t resist an amaretto sour, and for dinner, I got what I believe to be the best chicken in Scotland. Get the chicken in a basket and be prepared for greatness. Geoff ordered the nachos, and they were actually really awesome. Most nachos in this country are just sad, but they made their own chips at Max’s, and the crispiness factor blew me away. I think people tend to go there just for drinks, but their food is amazing. It’s easy to miss this little unassuming place. Make a point to go check it out if you’re in Glasgow.

We also had an early dinner at Geoff’s absolute favorite, Buck’s Bar. It’s his favorite buffalo chicken burger in town. I usually go for chicken and waffles, though. This time, I got a bunch of fried chicken smothered in barbecue sauce on top of applewood smoked cheddar mac and cheese on top of a crisp buttermilk waffle. It was ridiculous. I was so sad that I couldn’t finish it, and now that I’m sitting here writing about it again, I want to go back for more right now.

A teeny tiny day trip

We got to get out of town for a hot minute on the one crossover day where it wasn’t raining and we were still allowed to leave town. We went to the charming village of Lochwinnoch and spent the day walking in the woods. Eeve got to swim in a stream and chase squirrels. I got to see old ruins and a waterfall. Geoff got us all chased by cows, but I’m pretty sure that was his favorite part. It was completely enchanting. I’d highly recommend a day trip if you like hiking and nature and all that junk.

Vaccines are awesome

I also got the first dose of Covid vaccine which definitely didn’t feel awesome. I have to say, though, I was absolutely impressed with the logistical marvel of the distribution. All my thanks and gratitude goes out to everyone involved, from the scientists who developed the vaccine, the volunteers and staff who are running the vaccination centers, and the hundred and thousands of people in between. Do not miss your chance to get vaccinated. Yes, you might feel like utter crap for a couple of days. Building immunity to a deadly disease is hard work. Give your body a chance to work its immunity miracle. Be kind to all the people who helped to make that happen.

Awesme Internet Food

I admit, I’ve been a bit too busy to keep up with eveyrone else’s internet food lately. I did manage to catch a few gems recently. There’s a tasty looking Virgin Margarita over on Isabel Eats. It will be perfect for anyone who isn’t able to or doesn’t want to consume alcohol this summer.

Sign me up for anything lemon, but back up off this Lemon Poppy Seed Bread from Butter Be Ready. I’m going to eat that all myself.

I’m not going to wait for the weather to improve before I make this Homemade Cinnamon Churro Ice Cream from Bakers Royale. Cinnamon sugar is where it’s at.

Black Pudding Hash

Your favorite recipes this month from Awesome on 20 were Whipped Ricotta, a Buttery Nipple Milkshake, and Black Pudding Hash. Also be sure to check out my Recipes to Celebrate Beltane for suggestions on recipes that are perfect for celebrating the second half of spring.

There’s a hint of sunshine on the horizon. Things are starting to change. I know it’s for the better. Make it awesome, kids.

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