Awesome in September


The world is still a little scary, friends, but we’re looking for the awesome in September. That’s how we roll around here. Let’s go.

Once again, all work and no play makes me pretty damn dull. But guys, guys, guys, guys, something so amazing is happening. Last Friday for you, tomorrow for me (because writing a blog ahead of time is a bit of a time warp) we’re meeting on Zoom with a design consultant from Ikea to plan out the kitchen of my dreams.

I basically have the most amazing husband in the world, and he always comes through on a promise. We haven’t traveled in nearly a year and have only gone out to eat a few times since lockdown started, so we’ve been saving a bunch of money. He talked me into buying a flat with the promise that I could have the kitchen of my dreams, and he has definitely delivered.

Do you want to see the process? Maybe I can share more about it on Instagram Stories. Or is that too boring? Let me know in the comments if you’re interested.

Awesome internet food

I haven’t watched any good movies or TV shows. I’m still slowly working my way through several books. Nothing worth reporting. Let’s dive straight into all the awesome Fall food that’s showing up on the interwebs.

How amazing are these Loaded Baked Potato Deviled Eggs from The Candid Appetite? I wish Jonathan was my best friend.

We’re crazy for buffalo chicken in this house, so Baked Buffalo Chicken Egg Rolls with Cilantro Lime Ranch are definitely going on my must make list.

A butterfinger is a special treat in Scotland. These Butterfinger Brown Butter Cookies from Grandbaby Cakes are definitely worth a trip to the American candy store.

Italian Grilled Cheese | How to Be Awesome on $20 a Day

Your favorite recipes this month were Whipped Ricotta, Italian Grilled Cheese, and a Lemongrass Gin Cocktail. We’re hanging onto those summer vibes as long as we can.

I think October is going to be scary in a whole new way this year. It’s a wild ride, kids. Let’s hold onto each other and get through it together. Make it awesome, friends. Love ya.

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