Awesome Long Distance Gifts


A little help with choosing awesome long distance gifts when you can’t spend the holidays with the ones you love. Oceans and miles don’t have to get in the way of choosing the perfect holiday present.

Awesome Long Distance GiftsNot all of us are lucky enough to be with our families on Christmas, but we shouldn’t let that stand in the way of giving awesome gifts that let the people in our lives know how awesome they are. Here are a few ideas for giving gifts to friends and family on the other side of the country or the other side of the world.

One of the easiest ways to give a gift to someone far away is to order online and have it sent directly to them. You know what makes this even better? You don’t have to wrap anything. There are some sites that will wrap your gifts for you, and my husband’s favorite is I Want One of Those. This site is perfect for the gadget geeks in your life.

My personal favorite website for gifting is ModCloth. They have awesome clothes, but there accessories, housewares, and gifts are also super quirky and unique. If I could decorate my home with only items from ModCloth, I totally would.

A subscription is also a great gift because the receiver actually gets cool stuff throughout the year. I’m a fan of Birchbox, but I’ve also heard that Loot Crate is pretty cool if you’re awesomely nerdy. There are about eleventy bajillion food subscription boxes, so just google it and find the perfect box for your favorite far away human.

Groupon and Living Social are also a great way to gift experiences rather than stuff, which is something I’m a huge fan of. Find a local deal for a great restaurant or event and send your friends for a great night out. 

As a person not so secretly obsessed with cake tins, I’m guessing people might like to get some treats in a rad, reusable container. Think about sending hot chocolate mix bagged up in a cool mug, cookies in a colorful tin, or some homemade jam or chutney in a decorative jar. People get to eat something you made and also have something in their kitchen to remind you of them. Just don’t forget to send your gift with plenty of time to arrive before the big day.

Honestly, though, possibly the best gift you could give to someone far away that you don’t get to see very often is to just get on Skype or Facetime and tell them you care. Take your iPhone to grandma’s house and let your long distance family say hello. Everybody just wants to feel connected. Take the time to say “I love you” face to face. Easy. Awesome.

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