Awesome Summer Reads

Awesome Summer Reads


Awesome Summer Reads

Emily and I are tag-teaming this post today because one thing we agree on is that it’s totally awesome to have a book in your hand. I’m so glad she’s inherited my love of reading. I don’t understand people who don’t read books. How do they even live?

Everyone knows summer is a great time for reading. Long days, no school, general air of laziness. You can waste hours with a book, and nobody will look at you funny. Reading is also super cheap. It’s easy to pick up a used copy of a great novel for a few bucks, or take advantage of the AC at your local library and check out a book for free. Here are a couple of my recommendations for reading your life away.

Youth in Revolt: The Journals of Nick Twisp by C.D. Payne

This book is hilarious. You will probably snort embarrassingly on several occasions. You’ve been warned. It’s all about a young man’s desperate attempt to lose his virginity, and the lengths he goes to will shock and amuse just about anyone. There are some mature themes in this book, so I’m not sure I’d recommend it to my daughter just yet. Just, ya know, use your judgment. And don’t forget about the snorting.

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Don’t try to give me that “but I saw the movie” crap. This book is intensely beautiful. The heat, both literal and figurative is overwhelming, so it’s perfect for summer. If you love beautifully crafted sentences, moral ambiguity, and questioning whether true love really exists, you must read Gatsby. If you’re a human who likes books, you must read Gatsby. And summer is the exact perfect time for it.

Watership Down by Richard Adams

Yes, it’s an adventure story about rabbits. It’s intense and heartfelt. Get used to it. You will become completely attached to these rabbits and be cheering for them as they strive to create a new society. You definitely need more adventure and cute fluffy animals in your life.

Awesome Summer Reads

Here are some of Emily’s picks for great summer reading.

 The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

This seems to be a particular favorite of kids my age nowadays, and it is deserved to be.  This book is about teenagers with cancer, love, and philosophy.  It’s filled with the marvelous, truthful words of John Green and is great to read at a time when you DON’T have to put the book down.

Childhood by Bill Cosby

Never have I ever wanted to read a non-fiction book in my free time, but last  summer, I had to.  Oddly enough, I seemed to enjoy Mr. Cosby’s fun childhood stories and mischievous anecdotes.  This autobiography is definitely worth a read, especially if you oddly enjoy peeing your pants.

Pour yourself a tall glass of lemonade, find a comfy spot in the shade, and read every book you can get your hands on. It’s gonna be awesome!

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