Keep your eyes on the prize

Be Awesome: Keep Your Eyes on the Prize


Keep your eyes on the prize

Friends, I’m feeling so overwhelmed these days. Five weeks to move across two oceans and a continent is not very long. And yet, somehow I find myself waiting around for so much to happen. I want to get rid of all my possessions, but I still have to eat and sleep until the end of the month. My stuff  is slowly being sold off, and I’m left feeling helpless and lost. It’s totally manageable, but my brain can’t seem to comprehend it.

Every identifying document I’ve ever had, along with an unmentionable amount of money, is on its way to Sheffield. Whether or not I’m even allowed to move to Scotland is completely out of my hands. I can’t sleep. My stomach is angry. All I want to do is eat bagels and ice cream and go to sleep.

Then there’s this blog which I love. It’s kind of like a pet. If you don’t look after it, nurture it, and love it, it will wither and die. All of my food props have gone to Goodwill. I’m not allowed to buy any ingredients that I won’t use up in one go. I’m having a hard time summoning up my creativity. I just want this part to be over.

Something needs to be done. We need to get awesome again, kids.


What are we gonna do? We’re gonna grit our teeth and get through this. It sucks, but it will end. We’re gonna keep our eyes on the prize and remember that the temporary chaos is a small price to pay for the unbelievable adventure we’re about to embark on. I’m going to have a whole new city to explore. Brand new ingredients I’ve never heard of to experiment with. Infinite pubs and restaurants to try. There’s so much to look forward to.

We’ll soon be trading rolling waves for rolling green hills, volcanic craters for castles. We’ll soon be in the land of wizards and magical nannies, golf and haggis. It’s gonna be too, too crazy, and I can’t wait.

I hope you’ll stick with me and hold my hand a little bit through all this chaos. I promise to share some tips on getting rid of everything you own, packing your entire life into four suitcases, and getting your apartment put back together on the cheap. I want to try to share as much food as I can, but you guys, selling my Kitchen Aid mixer makes me want to cry, and going into my kitchen is a tiny bit sad right now. 

I need to learn to be patient. I need to practice being positive. I need to reread my Lonely Planet Great Britain guidebook again. We’ll get where we’re going. Eventually. Until then, we’ll try to stay awesome. Keep your eyes on the prize kids. It’s totally worth it. 


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