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When we moved into our small, ghetto duplex two and a half years ago, I didn’t have a job, and we weren’t sure how long the money we’d saved in Taiwan would last. We bought the bare minimum in terms of furniture and the cheapest of everything. We gave very little thought to decor beyond picking from the colors available for the cheapest drapes at Walmart. Our home looked like a couple of college guys lived in it.

Our sad living room right after we moved in.
Our sad living room right after we moved in.

We’ve acquired a couple of things over the past two and a half years, but our walls are still largely bare, and our furniture is still sad, plain, and cheap. But the thought of spending large amounts of money gives me a stomach ache. Plus, isn’t spending money on making your apartment look cool just a waste? Beyond the basic functions, it’s all just pure luxury, and besides, you probably won’t live there that long anyway. Is it right to spend money on the indulgence of having an awesome looking place to live?

After much internal debate and a few minor panic attacks, I’ve decided that it is. I’m a bit of a hermit. I like spending my time at home. Don’t I deserve to be in a place that is beautiful and makes me happy? Nothing extravagant, just some decent furniture, a few cool pieces of art on the walls, maybe paint those awful cheap bookshelves. I decided it’s okay to have a space that you’re excited to come home to.

Our bedroom hasn't changed much since the early days.
Our bedroom hasn’t changed much since the early days.

After fixing up Emily’s Hufflepuff bedroom, I’m itching to completely rethink the rest of the house. We’re still doing things on the cheap, but this time with a little bit of thought about how to make it awesome. We have limited space, and since we rent, no drastic renovations will be allowed. 

We’ve already made a few small changes. Last Sunday we went insane and bought a new sofa. I have a color scheme in mind for the bedroom and have already spent $20 at Ross on a throw blanket and some drapes. I have dreams. I’m making plans. Best of all, I feel excited.

Trying to entertain is tricky. Luckily, our friends don't love us for our furniture.
Trying to entertain is tricky. Luckily, our friends don’t love us for our furniture.

So often in my life, I’ve talked myself out of things because I thought I couldn’t afford them, and most of the time it was true. Sometimes I think that I’ve gotten so used to the idea that I don’t deserve nice things that I continue to punish myself even when we’re both working really hard and have a bit of money to invest in our happiness. And I really do think redecorating will make us happy. 

I can’t wait to show you guys all the changes we make and the projects we try out. I’m awful at DIY, so you know anything we share will be super simple. Change is exciting and scary. I’m so ready.

3 thoughts on “Be Awesome: Love Your Space”

  1. I’m terrible at DIY but I’m getting better with A LOT of help from Pinterest and YouTube. We don’t have a ton of money either but I’ve found some great ways to make our home look so much nicer by using throws, candles, flowers, and family pictures as art. I’m like you–I’m pretty much a hermit–so to me, it’s important to have a home that makes me happy and comfortable.

    1. I’m excited to start adding some personal touches to compliment some of the things we bought. I definitely want to use some of our photos! It’s going to be so fun.

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