Buck’s Bar

Hey folks, Geoff here with another ‘guest post’! As part of Renee’s birthday present in December I made a few tokens, redeemable by her at a time of her choosing. The time has come for her blog post token to be redeemed!

I thought it would be fitting to write my post on one of my favourite restaurants in Glasgow, Buck’s Bar. Buck’s is literally 50 feet away from my office and is one of the places I regularly grab lunch. It also happens to do the BEST buffalo chicken sandwich in the country!

Buff Chick
The Buff Chick

The Buff Chick, as it’s named, is simple. Juicy chicken, smothered in buffalo sauce and blue cheese, and slipped into a brioche bun. You can get it with regular fries or sweet potato fries (I always go for the sweet potato).

“What makes it so good?”, I hear you cry! Well for me, a buffalo sandwich needs a LOT of buffalo sauce, and this burger has it in spades. The chicken is always so tender and falls apart to the touch. I’m drooling just thinking about it…

Chicken and Waffles
Chicken and waffles

Renee had the chicken and waffles this time around. As with my sandwich, the chicken was so tender and there’s always so much sauce (that’s where the flavour is at, right?). As a waffle connaisseur, Renee can be quite particular about her waffles but had no complaints here!

It’s not just the food, Buck’s also does shakes (and boozy shakes), has American beer on tap, has a brunch menu and has a variety of entertainment on in the evenings. I’ve been meaning to head to the ‘Office Pub Quiz’ on a Monday evening straight after work!

Buck’s is VERY popular. If you are coming here, make sure that you make a reservation, especially at the weekend. We’ve just found out that Buck’s is opening another location in Glasgow which should show you how popular this place is.

So don’t just take my word for it. Head down and try the country’s best buffalo chicken sandwich!

Where I Really Want to Eat

There was a Saturday a few weeks back where I woke up knowing that I wanted to take some photos at a restaurant to share with you what I love about it.

The first place I had in mine went by the wayside because I looked at their menu again online that morning and realised there was only one thing on the menu that I actually liked, and it didn’t even sound that good. Clearly my memories of that restaurant were based on how much fun I had that day, and not actually on the food.

Then we thought we’d go to one of Geoff’s favorite places, but it was 2:00 on a Saturday afternoon, and we couldn’t get a table. It’s still on my list, but it didn’t work out that day.

We headed to a third place but both realised that we weren’t actually that excited about eating there and only liked it as the best of a bad choice for that type of food. We didn’t want to spend out time and money, or my energy telling you about it here, on a place that we didn’t truly think was awesome.

After all that wandering and indecision, we were hungry and wanted to eat something we knew would make us happy. We looked down the street and decided to go to Five Guys, and I’ll be honest, most of the time that’s secretly where I wish I was eating.

If we were back home in America, I don’t know if I’d crave it as much, but there are not a lot of restaurants that I really love in Glasgow, and Five Guys has, hands down, the best burgers and shakes in the city.

A Five Guys burger is juicy, the bacon is crisp and chopped into pieces so you don’t end up pulling out an entire slice of bacon on your first bite, the buns are soft, and you’re in control of the toppings, so you can get it exactly the way you want it.

The shakes are made with actual ice cream. They’re thick and impossible to get through the straw for about a minute, which is the way a milkshake should be. You can combine flavors to makes dozens of combinations. They don’t mess around.

I usually skip the fries because I’m plenty full and happy without them, but their fries are also great. You can tell just by looking at them that they were actual potatoes not long before they went in your mouth. They didn’t arrive frozen from a factory. They’re also generously seasoned which makes them difficult to stop eating.

Five Guys might not be glamorous or sophisticated, but neither am I. This is what I most want to eat when I go out, and I’m constantly having to talk myself out of going there. But let’s not stand in the way of our own happiness, friends. Embrace great burgers and shakes. Get on board.

Burgerology: Bread Meats Bread

Burgerology: Breads Meats Bread

Burgerology: Bread Meats Bread

I always forget about Bread Meats Bread. From it’s front door you can see Five Guys, which is my absolute favorite. While recently browsing Yelp, I got the urge to visit again, and after this visit, I’ll definitely be making a point to go back again.

Burgerology: Bread Meats Bread

I went for the Royale with Cheese, which features two thin patties, rather than one fat pub style burger. I was definitely happy with this choice because this means you get even more of those crunchy, caramelized bits that are absolutely packed with flavor. It was dressed simply with ketchup and mustard, and of course, pickles and onions that I left on the side. I’d very happily eat this again.

Burgerology: Bread Meats Bread

Geoff, of course, went for the Angry Chicken Burger, which is loaded with jalapenos, crushed chilies, and buffalo sauce. He reported that the chicken was crisp and flavorful, the burger, overall, was spicy, but he would have liked a lot more buffalo sauce.

Burgerology: Bread Meats Bread

We also shared a side of chips. They were perfectly crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. There were lots of tasty sounding sides that I want to try. And that’s not even taking into account the poutine menu.

Bread Meats Bread won’t be forgotten about anymore. I can’t wait to get back in there and have some buffalo chicken poutine. If you haven’t been to Bread Meats Bread yet, and you’re a burger lover, you should give it a try.

Burgerology: DogHouse

Burgerology: DogHouse

Burgerology: DogHouse

Let’s go out to eat.

Great idea! What are you in the mood for?

How about a kick ass juicy burger, crispy sweet potato fries and ice cream sundae and a great beer selection?

Sounds great! Can I bring my dog?

Ever been in this situation? Everybody has to bring their dog everywhere these days. This severely down on your awesome burger choices. Thankfully, DogHouse in Merchant City is there for you.

DogHouse is a Brewdog pub, so they have a great beer selection, plus a full bar if you’re not int beer. I had a much needed pint of cider after walking into town with the dog. Geoff had a framboise, and Eevee had a bowl of water brought by a friendly and dog loving staff.

Burgerology: DogHouse

I had the Patriot burger. It featured cheddar cheese, thick cut bacon, barbecue sauce, and a bunch of veggies that I knocked off before eating. My burger was well-cooked and juicy. I actually prefer thinner, crispier bacon, but that’s just personal preference. The flavor was still great. I also added a good amount of their Carolina barbecue sauce, which is mustard based. It was a damn fine burger.

Burgerology: DogHouse

Geoff had the the Chipotle Chorizo burger and reported that it was extremely tasty. He hardly ever eats beef burgers anymore, so to see him finishing off every last bit was a real endorsement. He said the flavor from the chorizo was amazing. 

We also got a side of sweet potato fries to share, and there was enough for probably four people. If you’re getting a burger, don’t mention that you want to share. Just have one person add them to their order. It’s cheaper that way and would probably be enough for two.

Burgerology: DogHouse

It was pouring down rain, so we decided to order dessert. We each got an Oreo sundae with salted caramel ice cream, and I didn’t regret a single bite. It’s just the right size for one. You don’t feel like a gluttonous monster for eating the whole thing by yourself.

If you’re looking for a place for a great burger in Merchant City, with or without a dog, DogHouse is the place to be.


Eating Out: Max's Bar & Grill

Eating Out: Max’s Bar & Grill

Eating Out: Max's Bar & Grill

One of my very favorite places to pop in for lunch after an afternoon of shopping in Glasgow’s City Centre is Max’s Bar & Grill. From the outside, it’s an unassuming little place. You might have walked past it a dozen times and never noticed. On the inside, it’s got a beautiful 20’s speakeasy vibe with lots of wood and a gorgeous mirror backed bar. Be sure to look up and notice the light fixtures, as well. But what keeps me coming back is the menu.

Max’s might have a historic theme to their decor, but the service is very millennial. They bring an iPad to your table, and you get to browse through their entire menu on it. Each item has a drool-worthy photo and description if you want to know more. For someone who loves reading menus, this is heaven. And it’s not easy to choose what I want because there’s no shortage of tempting dishes. I need to get back quick to try something new.

This is not just standard pub food friends. I promise, Max’s has the best chicken strips I’ve ever eaten. Normally, I just see chicken strips as a vehicle for a variety of sauces, but these do not need sauce. They’re tender, juicy, crispy, and so flavorful all on their own. I didn’t know chicken strips could be so good. The chips are also perfectly cooked, and I love any opportunity to eat corn on the cob. 

Eating Out: Max's Bar & Grill

Geoff opted for a spicy veggie burger the size of your face, and he loved it. He’s officially the worst at describing his food, but I can attest that there was not a crumb left. They have a lot of creative burgers and dogs on their menu, and I can’t wait to try one myself.

I’ve also had their mac and cheese with garlic toast before, and I can assure you that’s fantastic as well. 

Unfortunately, the restaurant is a bit dim, which is great for intimate conversation but not fantastic for food photography. My photos here certainly don’t do the food justice. You’ll be too excited about your delicious to take many photos, though. The next time you’re hungry in the city, be sure to pop into Max’s and fill up on something delicious.

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