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Okay, first we can all have a good laugh and talk about all the ways that these cupcakes are a total fail, then we can talk about why everything’s still awesome.

The cookalong photo contest on Nigella’s website this month is for her devil’s food cake recipe, which I’ve made before. It’s one of the most tender chocolate cakes I’ve ever had. I saw that today was national chocolate cupcake day, so I decided that would be the perfect opportunity to make and photograph this recipe in the hopes of winning a signed copy of How To Be a Domestic Goddess, which I would cherish in an unhealthy way.

I also thought maybe I should make them cute and Halloweeny. Lots of food bloggers make cute stuff. I never have because I suck at it. I should listen to myself. Red sprinkles, devil horns. What could go wrong? It all sounded perfectly logical in my head.

Devil Cupcakes2

Saturday I woke up feeling like a bomb made of viruses had gone off in my chest. Cupcakes didn’t get made until Tuesday night. Already off to a bad start. I thought I’d save some money and calories by making only half the batch. But that wasn’t actually enough batter for a dozen cupcakes, even though the recipe is for two 9 inch layers, which usually makes 24 cupcakes. Who knows? They were petite. That’s fine.

Then Wednesday afternoon I remembered why I swore I’d never make fudge frosting again. I live in a tropical country. A frosting made of melted chocolate and butter that is then supposed to be brought to “room temperature” is never ever going to work in the tropics.

Then I tried to save it all somehow and get cute, but it just didn’t happen for me. I can’t do cute.

So why am I even sharing this with you? Food bloggers are only supposed to share things that look impossibly perfect, right?

I started this blog because I wanted to read a blog about people like me with real lives and real problems. I looked and never found one. So, I decided I’d just have to write it myself. I’ve always wanted this blog to be about real life. And in real life, not every recipe works the way you want it to. It doesn’t always come out looking like it does in your dreams.

Here’s the awesome part. I still have tiny chocolate cupcakes in my fridge. They’re kinda ugly, but they still taste chocolaty and wonderful. I tried something new, and it failed. That’s life, kids. Cooking, and especially baking, involves a lot of science. Every time you make something, it’s an experiment. 

I will not let my lust for Nigella Lawson possibly touching something that I could own lure me into trying to make cute cakes with melty temperamental frosting again. I mean, there’s no way my love for Nigella will ever die. This is an amazing recipe, and I’ve made it before with great success. It just didn’t go like I’d hoped this time.

Devil Cupcakes3

I’m going to give you the link to the original recipe. Give it a try. Let me know how the frosting works in a kitchen that’s not 85 degrees. And send me your tips for foolproof cute desserts. I’m a major lame-o. 

Don’t forget to be awesome.

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