Eating Out: Howlin' Wolf

Eating Out: The Howlin’ Wolf


Eating Out: Howlin' Wolf

We haven’t been in Glasgow that long yet, and there are so many awesome restaurants to explore here. It’s taken a while to make it back to the same place twice, but we finally made a second visit to The Howlin’ Wolf, a blues themed pub and restaurant on Bath Street in the Glasgow City Centre.

Eating Out: Howlin' Wolf

We came here on our first weekend in Glasgow, and I knew there was more on the menu I wanted to try. The atmosphere here is super cool. Blues music is obviously always playing in the background, and there’s also a bit of a psychedelic vibe in their branding. It’s a basement location, so it’s cozy but not remotely gloomy. I haven’t taken part yet, but I know they also feature live music on a regular basis.

Eating Out: Howlin' Wolf

We went for lunch, and that made it a bit cheaper. I’d say the prices here are not out of bounds but more on the special occasion end of the spectrum. Geoff had a mini pizza with chicken and peppers. There wasn’t a crumb left.

Eating Out: Howlin' Wolf

I tried the spicy meatball sandwich and the skinny fries. My sandwich was great. Full of flavor and just the right size to fill me up without making me feel stuffed. The fries were unfortunately not as crisp as I like.

Howlin Wolf3

Without a doubt my favorite thing about Howlin’ Wolf is the blues singer themed craft cocktails. I had the Blind Lemon Jefferson this time around, but I’ll be stopping in here for a drink again soon to try even more of their creative cocktails. This one was obviously made with lemon juice but also featured Chambord. It was sweet and wonderfully tart. I was sad that it was over so soon.

Ban the blues by treating yourself to a cocktail at Howlin’ Wolf. And be sure to call me because I want one, too.

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