Happy Hour: Kelly O’Neil’s


It seemed like a good idea. It’s nearly St. Patrick’s Day. Geoff said we should go to the Irish pub in Waikiki. It’ll be fun. It seemed like a good idea. . .

Normally, I only like to tell you about spots that are super awesome, but this post didn’t exactly go as planned. It started to go downhill right away when we discovered that Kelly O’Neil’s doesn’t actually have a happy hour. I had read online that they had happy hour until 8:00, but I guess that was inaccurate. 


Geoff got two Longboards, and I ordered an Angry Orchard, which they have on tap. That doesn’t appear to make it any cheaper, though. This is a place to get a beer or a whiskey. There’s no fruity cocktail menu. I don’t think the Irish do fruit.


We came straight from work, so we decided to order dinner. I had heard there was some pretty good food. I got a plain cheeseburger and Geoff got the fish and chips. The fries were fat and crispy and definitely the best part of the meal. Everything else was fine but nothing special.


Our least favorite bit was that they allow smoking in this pub. Very not cool.

So, what’s the bright side? Well, there’s a nice bit of charming pseudo-Irish kitsch. It’s easy to get to from anywhere in Waikiki. And most importantly, our bill was still under $20 per person. 


I can’t say I’m dying to go back to Kelly O’Neil’s. It wasn’t awful, but it certainly wasn’t excellent. I promise, we’ll try harder next time.

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2 thoughts to “Happy Hour: Kelly O’Neil’s”

  1. Those fries look pretty good! That’s lame that they allow smoking though, it would be nice if they had different sections at least. I have been thinking of doing reviews on restaurants but wasn’t sure if it would work since my readers are from all over. Even though I don’t live near this restaurant and may never go, I enjoyed reading and seeing the pictures! Thanks for the motivation.

    1. The restaurant posts may not be the most popular on my site, but I have so much fun doing them. Having fun with my blog is my number 2 goal, so I say, go for it! People will love to see your experiences.

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