Have an Awesome Summer


Have an Awesome Summer

Hey, kids. I hope everyone is having a truly spectacular summer. I’ve decided to take a little break from blogging over the summer. It’s weird to write those words. I feel like we’re breaking up.

I’m sure you’re thinking “Take a break? Girl, please!” I know, I haven’t been posting much really for the past year since I went into the hospital. So I’m officially taking a break so I can stop feeling guilty about it. 

This blog has been a part of my life for over three years, and it means a lot to me. I don’t want it to be anything but awesome, so I want to be able to give it the energy it deserves.

I’m going to spend the summer travelling and spending time with my baby. I’m going to rejuvenate and refill my notebook with awesome ideas to share with you. And then I’m going to come back in the autumn all fresh and fabulous. 

Make sure you’re following on Facebook, Instagram, and SnapChat {awesomeon20} to keep up with the awesomeness over the summer. I hope you’ll still be here when I come back because it’s gonna be awesome! Love ya, kids!

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