Nutella Cheesecake Parfait with text

Nutella Cheesecake Parfaits

Dessert Pudding & Mousse

Nutella Cheesecake Parfaits are an easy no-bake dessert perfect for a quick treat. Cream cheese and Nutella are whipped together and layered with cookie crumbs and whipped cream. This recipe is unbelievably simple and delicious.

Nutella Cheesecake Parfait with text

When I originally shared this recipe, it was late July 2015, and I had just announced that we would be moving to Scotland. This time around, we’ve been here over five years. With the exception of one visit to a friend in Cumbernauld before lockdown, we haven’t left Glasgow 13 months. I’ve been watching my plants grow from this very sofa for nearly half that time.

In those five years, we’ve bought a house, then a cat and a dog. We’ve visited seven countries and gone back to the US twice. I’m so close to having my own business, I can almost taste it. As much as I loved Honolulu, I don’t think we would have been able to achieve any of that from there. We’ll save the discussion of how universal healthcare creates economic opportunity for another day. The point is, wow, a lot can change in five years.

Nutella Cheesecake Parfait and crumbled cookies

We had vague plans to go to Italy in 2020, but obviously, that didn’t work out. I guess eating all the Nutella will just have to suffice. It is, after all, World Nutella Day. Did you know? That’s why I’m sharing a new and improved version of my Nutella Cheesecake Parfait.

Obviously, this is going to be good any day of the year. The crunch of cookie crumbs blends perfectly with the smooth, rich no-bake Nutella cheesecake. And don’t skip the whipped cream and sprinkles. You need more joy in your life always. It’s a bit rich, but I think you’ll still be sad when it’s over.

two Nutella Cheesecake Parfaits with two spoons

How to make Nutella Cheesecake Parfaits

I’ve tried to simplify this as much as possible. Forget melting butter for a graham cracker crust. Just get some crunchy chocolate chip cookies (Famous Amos reminds me of my days in Hawaii, but brand doesn’t matter here) and crush them with your hands right into the bottom of the container to make your first crumb layer. Save some cookies for a second middle crunchy layer later.

Then use your electric mixer to beat together some Nutella and some softened cream cheese until smooth and lightened. Then ditch the mixer and fold in some frozen whipped topping or mix up a pouch of Dream Topping or Dream Whip if you live in a place that doesn’t sell the frozen tubs. Just fold gently until it’s all smooth, and spoon it over your cookie crumbs.

You can layer it up as much as you want. I highly recommend topping with whipped cream. Then to make it pretty, you can add sprinkles, chopped hazelnuts, or chocolate shavings. Whatever floats your boat.

Make it magical

While you’re eating Nutella straight from the jar, you might have forgotten that it’s actually a mix of chocolate and hazelnuts. And of course, hazelnuts come from hazel trees. And hazel trees have been used in magic for centuries.

Hazel is linked to wisdom and associated with a variety of ancient deities, including Thor, Brigid, and Apollo. You can use the nuts in spells for luck, fertility, protection, and granting wishes. Just ponder that the next time you’re feeling guilty about eating another spoonful of Nutella. Are you cheating on your diet, or are you bringing yourself luck and protection? It’s all about your intention. (Source: The Modern Guide to Witchcraft by Skye Alexander)

Nutella Cheesecake Parfait in a round cup

Plenty of things may have changed in the last five years, but Nutella will always be awesome. Make these Nutella Cheesecake Parfaits and try to prove me wrong. It’ll be awesome.

Looking for more awesome Nutella treats? Try these Nutella No-Bake Cookies or a simple Nutella Fairy Toast.


Nutella Cheesecake Parfaits

Nutella Cheesecake Parfait with sprinkles

Nutella Cheesecake Parfaits are a simple no-bake dessert perfect for a quick and easy treat. Cream cheese and Nutella are whipped together and layered with cookie crumbs and whipped cream. This recipe is unbelievably simple and delicious.

  • Author: Renee Rendall
  • Prep Time: 30
  • Total Time: 30
  • Yield: 4 servings 1x
  • Category: Dessert
  • Method: No-Bake
  • Cuisine: American


  • 48 crunchy chocolate chip cookies such as Chips Ahoy
  • 8 ounces cream cheese, room temperature
  • 2/3 cup nutella
  • 8 ounces frozen whipped topping, thawed*
  • Whipped cream for topping
  • Sprinkles, chopped hazelnuts, or chocolate shavings for garnish, optional


  1. We’re keeping it extra simple here, and instead of making a graham cracker crust, simply crush up a few crunchy chocolate chip cookies, and create a layer of crumbs in the bottom of each cup or dish you’re using to build your parfaits. We’re going to come back and do a second layer later, so save some cookies for round two. I literally just broke them up with my hands right into the cup. Make it easy on yourself, friends.
  2. In a large bowl, beat together the cream cheese and nutella with an electric mixer until smooth. Now ditch your mixer and switch over to a rubber spatula. Gently fold in your whipped topping until you’re pretty much streak free. It doesn’t have to be perfect.
  3. Divide your cream cheese mixture between your four glasses. If you’re layering, here’s where you’d add more cookie and then another layer of nutella cheesecake mixture. Finally, top the whole thing off with a fluffy cloud of whipped cream and any extra topping you might like.


  • If you can’t get Cool Whip or another frozen whipped topping where you live, look for a packet of powdered Dream Topping or Dream Whip and prepare this according to packet instructions.

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