Pimm's & Cherry Lemonade with cherries

Pimm’s & Cherry Lemonade

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Pimm’s & Cherry Lemonade is sweet and fruity. If you’re not drinking Pimm’s, is it even summer? Make one glass, or a pitcher, or a bucketful. It’ll be a party no matter what.

Pimm's & Cherry Lemonade

Happy Friday, friends. School starts up in Glasgow next week, and I’m kinda freaking out. As I write this, I’m not exactly sure what next week is going to look like, but that hasn’t stopped my anxiety spiking like crazy. I’m obviously nervous about being around so many people, even though I know the kids probably need me. I just hope they don’t sneeze on me too much.

I’m also devestated to leave behind this beautiful life I’ve created where I get to work from my sofa and don’t have to commute. This life where I can pretend to be a professional food blogger with ease. This life where nobody cares what I look like and a cat comes and walks across my laptop every now and then. I love this life, and I intend to make it permanent someday.

Pimm's & Cherry Lemonade with cherries

Are you in education? Are you going back soon? How do you feel about it? I’ve heard teachers say they’re drawing up their wills. I haven’t gone that far yet. I’m just over here making cocktails and obliviously hoping for the best. Does anyone else want a drink?

Pimm's & Cherry Lemonade with cherries

How to make Pimm’s & Cherry Lemonade

My original plan to make this Pimm’s & Cherry Lemonade was to use plain lemon-lime soda (which is lemonade in the UK) and add some maraschino cherry juice. But when I got to the supermarket, there were no maraschino cherries to be found, so I improvised and used cherry 7-Up. It worked great. Go with what you have.

All we’re doing here is mixing some sour and fruity Pimm’s with some soda. The magic is in the garnish. Obviously, you could skip this, but if we’re going back to work and our lives are in grave peril, we might as well be fancy. I used fresh cherries, lemon and lime slices, and fresh mint to garnish my drink. You can change it up as you like.

Pimm's & Cherry Lemonade

Are we gonna be okay, kids? I have to believe we will. I’m sending you all my love and protection. Raise a glass and keep smiling. And don’t forget to wear a mask.

Looking for more awesome summer drinks? Try this Mint Limeade. It’s awesome.


Pimm’s & Cherry Lemonade

Pimm's & Cherry Lemonade with cherries

Pimm’s & Cherry Lemonade is sweet and fruity and perfect for summer.

  • Author: Renee Rendall
  • Prep Time: 5
  • Total Time: 5 minutes
  • Yield: As much as you want
  • Category: Cocktail
  • Method: Mixed
  • Cuisine: British
  • Diet: Vegan


  • 2 parts Pimm’s 
  • 3 parts cherry 7-up or other cherry citrus soda
  • Ice
  • Cherries, lemon slices, lime slices, mint, optional



  1. Add ice and fruit to glass or pitcher. Add Pimm’s and cherry 7-Up and stir gently.

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