Prosecco Slushie | How to be Awesome on $20 a Day

Prosecco Slushies

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Prosecco Slushie | How to be Awesome on $20 a Day

There are a few key ways to tell that I’m not a real food blogger. I mean beyond the fact that only a handful of people actually visit my website. I don’t have a room full of antique dishes. I don’t arrange herbs with tweezers. I never chop up a thousand fruits just to spread them out in a mess on the table, take their picture, and then throw them away. There is nothing remotely glamorous about my house, clothes, makeup, or skincare routine.

I also don’t get random boxes of free stuff randomly showing up on my doorstep on the reg. I pay for every dang thing. A couple years ago, it seemed like every real food blogger in the world was getting a free fancy ass blender. I do not have a fancy ass blender. I have a hand-me-down blender that was far from fancy before we even got it. It doesn’t make perfectly smooth soups in seconds. It barely makes milkshakes. But because I wish I was a real food blogger, I crushed some ice with it anyway.

Prosecco Slushie | How to be Awesome on $20 a Day

We need to turn our glass of prosecco into a sno cone because it’s hot outside, and you work hard for your money. You for sure deserve a Prosecco Slushie because you’re a grown up. Sort of.

All you have to do is get out your blender, fancy ass or otherwise, and crush up as much ice as it will allow before you want to throw it out the window. Pour over some prosecco into the bottom of a glass, pack it with crushed ice, then top it with grenadine. You could also use blue curacao if you prefer a blue slushie. Or go two-tone because we’re crazy like that.

Prosecco Slushie | How to be Awesome on $20 a Day

Look kids, we do the best we can with what we have. If what we have is a sad blender, we don’t let that get in our way. Make yourself a Prsecco Slushie. You’ll feel better. I promise.


Prosecco Slushies

Prosecco Slushie | How to be Awesome on $20 a Day

Don’t let anything stop you from making yourself a Prosecco Slushie.

  • Prep Time: 10
  • Total Time: 10 minutes


  • 3 ounces prosecco
  • Lots of ice
  • 2 to 3 tablespoons grenadine


  1. Pour three ounces of your favorite prosecco into a rocks glass.
  2. Crush a bunch of ice in your blender until it’s as close to snow as your blender will make. Pack the crushed ice into your glass.
  3. Pour over a few tablespoons of grenadine. Add more or less depending on how sweet you like it.
  4. Sip and crunch to your heart’s content.


  • Serving Size: 1
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